Welcome to IMC!

We are a small team of human beings passionate about indie music. For 20 years, we have always put quality before quantity. We don't want you to hear the same meaningless songs every hour. It is often said that songs exist to tell a story. True. But we also think that songs are always there for you, in good times and bad times. Kind of like friends who can understand you, and who help you become better.

Artists you're going to meet here all have a story to share. A past, some memories, and lots of things to tell. Some will become your travel companions, over your Spotify playlists, some can become real friends.

Grab your best headphones, make yourself comfortable, and let yourself be seduced, whether through our columns, our radio station, our podcasts, or our Spotify playlist. This place is yours. Welcome!

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welcome to IMC

Would You Mind

New Rivals

Compass Rose

Zack Fletcher

Grow Up

Ryan Nealon

Run by the River

Ali Gilbert

The Comet

Dylan Cox