Karl Jakob

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Karl Tore Jakob Stenseke, Swedish-born philosopher and music producer.

In the early 00’s he was the guitarist and saxophone player of the Swedish grammy nominated band Zekes. In 2012, he released his first self-produced indie pop album under the name The Key Key. Since then he has done two albums and two EP’s with Malmö (Sweden) based indie band Feelium.

In 2019, he came back as Karl Jakob with the EP titled ”Pippi is dead. And we killed her”. The title refers to the famous "God is dead"-quote by Friedrich Nietzsche, who used the phrase to express the idea that the Enlightenment had "killed" the possibility of belief in God. In his version, Pippi Longstocking -- perhaps the most famous of Astrid Lindgrens characters, being the symbol for youthful strength and adolescent naivety -- is the one being killed. This marks the end of a happy childhood and the beginning of real life.

While the EP received much praise from the international blogosphere, more importantly, it was a much-needed relief from all the unfinished songs that cursed him for more than seven years (it was originally planned to be released in 2014).

Once free, he has seen a tremendous surge of inspiration and focus to write and finish more songs - resulting in the 2020 EP "Floating heads in the sky".

His hope is to finish a full-length album before he turns 30 (10 months left) - or at least before he finishes his PhD.

The overall aim of Karl Jakob is to use songwriting as a kind of therapy that can help him express his innermost emotions. In particular, it is a melody-focused, honest, intimate, and minimalistic indiepop, with genre-transcending elements of electronic, jazz, classical music, pondering on personal as well as all-too-human themes such as adolescence, lost love, and depression.


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