Aisha Badru - Lazy River

February 10, 2023

Losing someone is never easy, that's for sure. And we all have our own way of getting through this. Like a rebirth, and a new beginning after this difficult stage, "Lazy River", Aisha Badru's new single immerses us in these sometimes pretty vague feelings.

With thoughtful lyrics, a lot of people will be able to relate to, and angelic vocals, Aisha Badru scores another point with this very emotional single in which she was able to express her deepest feelings, as she explained to us:

"It's this freeing of myself and allowing myself to try things that people would not expect of me. I feel more comfortable not meeting those expectations. The song is about the healing process after loss. Emotional healing is a journey. True healing takes time and there should be no shame or urgency in any step of the process.

The simple but effective music video (watch above), directed by Laura-Lynn Petrick, shows the dancer Amara Barner's skills on a snowy beach, wearing only a yellow shirt which contrasts with the monotony of the landscape. A wonderful choreography by Nyda Kwasowsky lets the dancer blossom in her new feelings as if trying on a new costume until it is comfortable. Yes, the choreography matches the song perfectly!

The song, very atmospheric and airy, leaves us with an incredible feeling of well-being and reminds us that nothing is insurmountable. Delicate, and poetic, this new single is a new masterpiece from Aisha Badru and gives us a very nice taste of her EP "Learning To Love Again" which will be released on June 2 on Nettwerk.

Aisha Badru's universe is everything we love: with great simplicity and some cleverly distilled subtleties, she shows us that you can still make relatable music that isn't specifically made to go "viral", but rather to accompany every moment of your life.

Picture by Jeffery Trapani.

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