Bertie Newman - Wasted On Me

March 10, 2023

Born and raised in Hackney (northeast London), Bertie Newman is not new to IMC. We had already discovered this talented young man two years ago. And it is true that it is difficult to do without his infectious melodies which haunt your mind for weeks.

Straddling upbeat acoustic pop and indie-folk, his new single "Wasted On Me", released today, is yet another huge banger to add to his list of masterpieces. And we mean it when we say that. Because when we see that since his last IMC feature, Bertie flirts with the 100K monthly listeners on Spotify, we say to ourselves that we are not the only ones to have been conquered. And that's good!

For this new song, the production quality bar has been set very high again. As delicately placed in a pretty velvet jewelry box, the lyrics distill the doubts and uncertainties of our young artist when he was at the start of his current relationship, as he confides:

"It explores the relationship between self-confidence and self-doubt in the context of entering a new relationship, and wondering whether you are good enough for them and if they are just wasting their time with you".

One thing is certain, we never waste our time with a Bertie Newman song! Especially when the beautiful vocal harmonies of the chorus are able to suspend time. There is only one flaw, no matter how small: it was a little short. We would have liked to enjoy it for one more minute. But in this case, the "Repeat" button has all its legitimacy.

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