Dan Zimmerman - Carry You

February 03, 2022

Sometimes there are songs that come at the right time. The perfect soundtrack for the perfect mood. Dan Zimmerman's new single is out today. It's a wonderful piano ballad that might send shivers down your spine if you're sensitive or fragile right now.

At the time we received this song, we had just lost one of our fellow fans of the blog, Alex. The scar was still raw and this song inevitably brought some tears to the surface, because it was a very difficult week for us. Dan chose to go through this ordeal by putting his thoughts down on paper, as he told us:

"The song was written shortly after the passing of Dan's first songwriting partner, who died of cancer at 26. The single is being released on her 30th birthday, February 3, to celebrate her life".

And that's probably the best tribute he could give to Melissa. No exaggerated production on this track, which remains sober and dignified, with just a magnificent piano, wonderful violins, and Dan's incredibly controlled voice. As we often say on IMC, songs are sometimes like bookmarks for the chapters of our lives. This song, therefore, serves as a bookmark for Dan, for me, but also for many people in this world. And everyone can relate to it.

With the elegance of Sam Smith, while having his own musical identity and his own vocal signature, Dan brings light, even in the darkest situations. Loaded with emotion, "Carry You" came at the right time in the IMC team, and we felt accompanied and supported by Dan, just through his voice. The artist posted a beautiful letter to Melissa yesterday on Instagram, where he reminisces about the good times he spent with his friend since high school and concludes his beautiful post with: "In our last songwriting session, you told me to spend more time writing, playing, sharing. I'm putting out that song I wrote for you. Happy 30th birthday, Melissa. I love you".

Among all the artists I have met over the years, running IMC, I can tell you that Dan is one of the most beautiful souls I have come across so far. With a sincere passion for music and a great love for others, he is a human being of limitless kindness, who moves us and touches us to the depths of our hearts.

His melodies are deep, his interpretation is pure and delicate, and each note is deposited like a wave on a beach: with stunning fluidity. And even though "Carry You" is only his third single, Dan proves once again, with great maturity, that tragedies are the pillars of our lives, and that we have no choice but to build above.

We have no doubt that Melissa will hear the song from up there. Because we have the power, dear readers, to listen to her very loudly, and if we all do it at the same time, she can only hear it. And she's going to be proud of what her friend has accomplished: moving lots of people on different continents.

Congratulations, Mr. Zimmerman, you're starting to touch the stars, and they'll let you know.

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Written with love by Niko. "Carry You" has been added to our "Fresh Indie" playlist on Spotify and will start to play on the radio.


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