Friday Releases Feb 09, 2024

February 09, 2024

And it's Friday again! Time flies! Well, we must admit that since the beginning of January, we've received an uncountable number of submissions, and it's not always easy to sift through them. Let's be honest, when you're a music curator, this is even the step that takes up the most time. Even more time than writing the articles! But continuing to serve you the cream of the crop directly into your ears every week is a challenge we love to tackle because the encounters we make along the way are incredible. And we still have some great songs released today to offer you starting Monday (because we don't want you to do the job of the music curator and end up drowning in songs either). Here are already 3 songs that could become your all-time favorites, to savor all weekend!


Dom Malin - Surface

And here we go for Dom Malin's 10th feature, the wonderful Birmingham-based artist on IMC. The quality of his work has allowed him, starting from his 5th feature, to join the IMC Family, and since then, he has never ceased to amaze us. 

Dom made our 2023 dreamy! In January, we fell for "All I Know," thinking at that moment that it was his best single to date. Then, in April, he proved us wrong by releasing the single "The Sea," maintaining that exceptional level of quality and professionalism. And in September, he hammered it home with "Fever", where he explored new musical horizons by injecting us with good old '80s vibes intravenously. Could he do even better? The answer is definitely yes.

His new surprising single, "Surface", released today on all platforms, explores yet another new genre to add to his already diverse discography: rock. Among all his releases, "Surface" stands out for its incredibly measured energy.

Right from the intro, we understand that Dom Malin is sending us a message, like "Watch out, this is different from usual!" Message received. A low, almost whispering voice on the verses, a high voice on the choruses, carried by successful harmonies, delivering the power Dom has accustomed us to. A quite striking contrast that we really like. All the struggles of the songwriter shine through every line and you can easily relate. If you also feel like your sinking, this song could be your new motivation! Also, if you've never heard Dom Malin screaming, just wait for the bridge and let yourself be surprised. 

We've said it before on IMC, and we'll say it again: what's exceptional about Dom Malin is his ability to create very catchy melodies that sneak into your brain and refuse to leave for weeks. Yes, we discovered this song in early January, and since then, it's been playing in our heads non-stop.

With our 22 years of radio experience, let's remember that a song has all its chances of catching a programmer's attention if a catchy chorus pops up around the 40-second mark. The box is checked for "Surface." The potential is enormous. If you have a radio station, go for it! You'll only do good to your listeners.

If you're like us, music fans, "Surface" will quickly become one of your all-time favorites.

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Olive Riggio - Tropical Depression

"Tropical Depression" is the fresh single from Olive Riggio, a fantastic singer-songwriter straight outta Brooklyn. In the New Jersey scene, she describes herself as a teen. We would rather say a fairy.

If your life is a bit like a wild storm, and you're wandering around without a clue, this masterpiece is your jam.

Brace yourself for a song with a twist – it's got a wild second half that'll make your musical compass spin.

This track stands out like a flamingo in a penguin parade. Olive serves up mature and reflective poetry, and her enchanting vocals will convince you to clear some space on your playlists for this incredible artist. Welcome to the IMC stage, Olive!

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Taylor T - Solitude In Silence

If, just a few days ago, you asked me which member of the IMC Family has been MIA in the music scene for too long and I miss the most, I would have said Taylor T and Ben Greenberg. So stumbling upon a new single from Taylor T, you know, it's like unexpectedly finding Christmas in February – a gift from the heavens.

Having known Taylor and written about him nine times in less than four years, I can guarantee that this artist always has a trick up his sleeve to surprise you. His musical evolution mirrors his travels around the globe, with new influences gradually weaving into his sonic repertoire. Yes, that's it – I would say that Taylor is constructing his musical identity like a puzzle, with loads of patience and humility.

"Solitude In Silence" is more than polished in terms of production: the song is filled with intriguing details that are as essential as they are captivating in building a unique musical universe brimming with emotion. Once again, it's an immersive road trip into the mind of one of IMC's most beautiful souls. You effortlessly get carried away by his words, daydreaming for over four minutes that seem to fly by. And once you reach the end of the song, you crave more. So you hit replay. Again and again.

Taylor T's music is one of the most addictive substances, and thankfully, it won't break the bank. You'll also gain a lot of self-awareness because each song prompts deep reflection.

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Also out today

Some other songs released today deserve your attention:

  • John Muirhead - Cemetery Somewhere
  • Embleton - Every Corner
  • Mae Krell - Feeling too much
  • Vintz Desert - Frozen
  • Sven Ross - Gym Membership
  • BAYWUD - Rebel
  • Twins of June - Stay
  • Luke White - Love Again
  • Josh Savage - Heaven On Earth
  • Southey - I Know The Way
  • Jenny Kern - Your Words
  • Ben Stafford - an evening stroll


That's all for today! Stay tuned for new song discoveries in the next episode!