Friday Releases March 29, 2024

March 29, 2024

Oh, yes, dear reader, I know what you must be thinking upon discovering this post. It's been quite a while since you've read from me! And I owe you some explanations. First of all, if you remember, I work in tourism, and spring means for me that the season is starting, so I have a lot of work. I must also confess to you that I launched a music podcast in my native language, French, earlier this year, and that has taken up a lot of my time. But when I opened my release radar today, my heart nearly stopped. Four artists from the IMC Family sharing the same release date, including two who are making their big comeback after a long absence, doesn't happen every Friday. So I had to tell you about it! Let's discover without further delay the new masterpieces from Allison Leah, Luna Keller, Kahone Concept, and Thomas LaVine!


Allison Leah - Sunsets

17 months. It took 17 months before finally being able to discover a new song from Allison Leah, since the release of her magical EP "The Weight of My Heart" at the end of 2022. I can tell you that the big fan of Allison that I am was more than impatient and starting to tap his foot.

Allison is one of the few artists who can make me cry after a few notes, as she did with "24 Years Down". And she succeeded again when I discovered the first seconds of "Sunsets". In less than two sentences, we are completely immersed in this love story and immediately sense that it is no longer current.

And we immediately share this emptiness, this sadness. Every moment, every smell, every movement, every landscape, every memory that built this relationship instantly unfolds before your eyes. Allison's immersive power is still as impressive.

As always with Allison, the symbiosis between the lyrics and the music is absolutely perfect, and the intensity grows throughout the track to give even more chills. And we end up with a tissue in hand and eyes moistened. But it feels good! It was definitely worth the wait!

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Luna Keller - Not Ready

Let's stay in the IMC Family with Luna Keller's monthly return, delivering the sixth chapter of her "Ocean Inside Of Me" saga. And it's Luna's 20th feature on IMC! Woohoo!

The music video opens with a spider calmly resting on a tree, symbolizing the fact that what may seem like a small detail to fix can quickly become too big to handle.

Inner battles, that's the subject of this concept album that classifies in chronological order the stages one may go through when our mind and body are no longer in agreement. "Not Ready" is, one might say, the chapter where everything changes. And the music video illustrates very well this logical sequence of stages, where we can see Luna chained by ropes to trees in the middle of the forest, fighting with this certain death standing in front of her.

Fortunately, whether in this very realistic illustration or in real life, Luna survives and ultimately escapes her grim fate. And we are indeed glad that this is the case so she can now tell us this incredible story, with the talent we know she has.

Do I still need to remind you of the precision with which Luna works? Whether visually or musically, her talent is pushed to the extreme, starting with the writing, and that haunting line: "How do I end this pain without ending myself?"

Well, rest assured, Luna is doing fine, and the next chapter of her adventure will allow her to find comfort on the shoulder of an artist from the IMC Family. But shh! We wouldn't want to spoil the rest for you.

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Kahone Concept - Mommy's Lil Rockstar

Here's an artist who, like Luna, delights us by delivering a new masterpiece every month from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The IMC artist I've known the longest is back today with a soaring pop song with an evocative title that fits well with the quirky character he embodies: "Mommy's Lil Rockstar".

And what a pleasure it is to reunite with Ben and his long, spine-tingling sung notes. It feels like rediscovering the audacious and unrestrained Kahone Concept from his beginnings. Always with the humor we know him for, Ben describes a very different battle from Luna's: the character in the song wants to be a star. That's it. And he's ready to do anything. Of course, all of this is to be taken with a lot of tongue-in-cheek, but the song is written very cleverly, as usual, and the production that Ben masters perfectly emphasizes this brilliant writing.

Somewhat in the vein of his single "Maybe," which remains a classic for Kahone Concept fans, this new single once again allows us to marvel at an impressive vocal performance and a well-calibrated mastery of energy and power. Oh la la, the repeat button is going to suffer!

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Thomas LaVine - Found

And we conclude with Thomas LaVine's new single, "Found," taken from the EP "Between the Good & What I Want", which also features his four previous singles. And what a pleasant surprise, as you can see above, the song is accompanied by a music video. Why do I talk about a surprise? Simply because Thomas LaVine hadn't filmed a music video since "World of Gray", the song with which we discovered him in May 2020!

And this time, our "Waterboi," as we like to call him because of the numerous references to water in his song titles, Thomas doesn't jump into a lake in a t-shirt. No, it's in the setting where he's most comfortable: the countryside, clad in a jacket that prevents the wind from assaulting him too much. His travel companion is an old wooden chair, which he enjoys moving according to his desires to sit and reflect for a few moments. But he quickly realizes that no matter where he is, his fears always take over, as he explains in the song, and his chair then becomes a burden to drag around like his unease. We also find in the song the title of the EP "Between the Good & What I Want," which confirms this feeling of indecision.

Whether it's on the visual side with this wonderful music video or on the musical side with this powerful and moving folk song, Thomas LaVine leaves the same impression: an impressive gain in maturity.

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That's all for today! Stay tuned for new song discoveries very soon! Have a great weekend!