Friday Releases - October 15, 2021

October 15, 2021

We're having a blast at the TPOI Virtual conference organized by our friends at The Power of Indie! Niko will have a talk today (5.20 pm UK Time) to tell you about the extraordinary powers of the IG algorithm. It's still time to grab your ticket here. And it's not a joke, this algorithm temporarily blocked our account last night :D Well, enough about us! Tell us about you? How was your week? Today is like a big-bang day in the music industry cause both Coldplay and Adele are releasing new albums. But they don't really need support, to be honest. Indie artists, on the contrary, always need your support to keep their passion going.


Jeffrey James - Sober

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Let's start the trip in Nashville to find another amazing artist in this talented anthill.

Jeffrey James' first project dates back to 2016, with his Walls EP. And he's come a long way since then, racking up millions of streams on his Spotify. Yes, you read that right millions.

We already told you about him in 2020 when he released "Downtown".

His new EP is out today and is titled "Songs I Found in the Year I Lost." The title says it all. The artist used all the free time he had during the pandemic and created wonders through these remote sessions with Nashville-based CMA-nominated songwriter Cleve Wilson and London-based songwriter/producer Dan Weller. "Sober" is the focus track of the EP and reminds us of the talent and creativity of some artists already seen on IMC like James Goodwin or Hugo Valentine.

A very, very high level of quality, with undeniable writing talent, allows him to give us goosebumps after only a few lines. A piano-driven song that alternates verses where doubts collide, and luminous choruses full of hope.

The word "catchy" is often used to define a melody. We could go further by saying that the chorus of "Sober" is definitely addicting. Hard to get it out of your mind once it gets in there.

A real success that allows us to affirm that we will see Jeffrey James again on IMC.


Jason Piquette - Homeless

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When Jason Piquette sent us his new single and we clicked on "play" the first time, we knew we were going to have him featured on IMC, in less than 3 seconds. I think 3 seconds is the all-time high. We have never had such an immediate crush.

And the crush was confirmed, second after second, minute after minute.

Jason Piquette is like an angel descended from heaven, with an absolutely delicious voice. The voice of a friend whispering pretty words in your ear, around a campfire. And when his voice goes high, we just get goosebumps.

First sentence, first goosebumps: "Without you around, I'm homeless". An acoustic guitar, then magnificent backing vocals, then a bass, then discreet percussions ... The song is built gradually and quite quickly.

And the story of this song is pretty amazing, as Jason said: "This one came out when I realized I'd be living in my car for a bit. I'm finding that home is found in giving and receiving love, especially in seasons of displacement. "

It's true. Love connects human beings. And the music brings them even closer. And it seems that this song has magical power. Like a magnet. We quickly become addicted, but that's okay. One of our favorite songs this year.


The Collection - Get Lost

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We can say that the band "The Collection" is a band well anchored in music since if you browse their Spotify, you will be able to find releases in 2011 ... Yes, ten years of jewels compiled at the same place.

So there is no need to tell you that this bunch of six happy buddies is not just starting out, as they already amassed several million streams and now have over 200K monthly listeners.

And there is a reason for that: the quality of their work. Each track is unique in its genre and the band has a very strong musical identity. You know, kinda like when you hear Imagine Dragons on the radio. You are able to identify them right away: "ah, that's Imagine Dragons". Same here. And in an age where everything is alike, knowing how to differentiate yourself is super important.

"GET LOST" is their third independently-released single this year. The lyrics tell the story of someone who has to get out of their comfort zone in order to find their true self. The upbeat melody and catchy tempo will make you feel like there's always a way to step out of your comfort zone and make things better for yourself.

With extremely high-quality production and writing that borders on perfection, The Collection brings us an almost idyllic new single, and one that just might become your new favorite.

If you also think "I am too big, the room is too small", you will appreciate the breath of fresh air brought by this song, which despite a writing theme dealing with our struggles, is like a ray of light in a dark forest.


Sabrina Carmen - Shh I Won't Tell

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Do you have any secrets? Here is our angel returned from heaven ... with secrets. Well, in reality, not from heaven but almost: Long Beach, California! Or maybe from Mars? Yes, in case you didn't know, Sabrina recorded some vocals for Thirty Seconds to Mars on their album “LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS”.

In August, Sabrina Carmen dazzled us with the beauty of her single "Dreaming Wide Awake". She is back with a new track, which goes in a completely opposite direction, but always with so much finesse and talent.

"Shh I Won't Tell" is a timely song, perfect for Halloween. It's been co-written with Jamie Miller, Rebecca McBride, Rebekah Wilbur, Matt Richert (producer)In a very cinematic atmosphere, Sabrina enchants us, like a beneficent witch. Yes, a pretty and kind witch. The chorus of this new song made us like an electric shock.

It was exactly for this kind of goosebump and thrill that I created IMC a few years ago. It's the kind of song we all hope to hear one day.

The writing follows the song's atmosphere, quite dark, and contrasts with Sabrina's voice on the chorus (light and bright). I still wonder how she manages to reach such high notes.

We all have our secrets. Whether it is secrets between spouses, between friends, or more often, family secrets. I would say the last option is the one I relate to the most. Family secrets are absolutely disastrous. We have all been through this kind of situation, sometimes torn between having to keep or reveal a secret that is too heavy to bear. So the song has the power to speak to a lot of people.

About the song, Sabrina said that it "explores the role that “little lies,” fragmented truths, and secrets play in our relationships with others, and the person we always have to face: ourselves. In this song, we dance with secrets, attempt to find answers, and perhaps are haunted with even more questions".

In addition to being a human being endowed with extraordinary generosity, Sabrina Carmen is one of the artists with whom we never get tired of chatting. You can write her a DM and she will answer in the most authentic way. If you do so, don't hesitate to remind her how amazing her music is.

Get out your pumpkins, we've got the soundtrack!




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We have to stay in Los Angeles if we want to have a chance to meet BAYWUD there. We thought he gave us the catchiest melody of the year with "All Together Now" released in early 2021. His new single "Last Call", a collab with Dvniel, is out today. And once again, the artist has set the bar high. Very very high.

While we were talking about heaven with Sabrina Carmen (read above), a reference to heaven is present in the chorus of this huge indie-pop anthem. Perfect transition!

The artist, an LGBTQ community member, grew up in Texas, surrounded by his father's vinyl records, and was rocked by The Beatles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bob Dylan, or Fleetwood Mac. It is therefore easy to understand that having been immersed in a very high-quality musical environment, the music offered by BAYWUD follows the same path. Moreover, like the few names we have just mentioned, his music has already toured the radio world, from the Netherlands to Canada, and from the US to Australia. At IMC, we all still have in mind the incredibly unifying chorus of "All Together Now".

The artist does it again with Dvniel, another artist from L.A. who already has a great career to his credit. If you browse his Spotify, you will probably fall for "Bad Habits". No, it's not an Ed Sheeran cover, but an incredibly cinematic and emotionally powerful original.

About the song, Dvniel said, "we dug deep on this one and wanted to write a song from both of our personal experiences with addiction, loss, hopelessness and struggle while finding a commonality in our stories."

And indeed, the two artists have common experiences and a common past, as BAYWYD confides: "Both Dvniel and I have similar stories of drug addiction, loss, and pain, which we express in each verse. I think ultimately, we wrote a song about forgiveness and hope. Forgiveness to yourself and from all of those you've hurt in your life because of your mistakes".

When two wonderful musicians meet, the shock is as incredible as the big bang. Filled with hope, "Last Call" is a hymn to change, and allows us all to give ourselves one last chance. With a still very powerful chorus and divine vocal harmonies, the duo offers us the goosebumps we were hoping for. Alternating beautiful verses carried by a delicate piano and more punchy choruses, "Last Call" is the kind of song that we all need on our playlist, whether for good days or bad. Whatever the weather, whatever your mood, this track will bring you something.

If we want to sum this song up in one line: Forgive yourself for your mistakes, shout them out loud, even if no one is listening.


Written by Niko. All songs added to our "Indie Music" playlist on Spotify.


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