Jack West - Lost At Heart

February 16, 2024

Time flies, way faster than you'd think, and sometimes it catches up with us. So, we hit the brakes, take a breather, and do a little pondering. Enter "Lost At Heart," the latest single from Jack West, who, despite his youth, flaunts an incredible maturity in his songwriting.

Good indie-pop gems are like unicorns – rare and magical. So, when we stumble upon one, you know it's exceptionally good! "Lost At Heart" is polished to perfection, with attention to detail that rivals a cat grooming its fur. 

While it may give off vibes reminiscent of some classic rock groups like Nirvana or Pink Floyd (hey, they're Jack West's influences), the song is firmly rooted in the present and wins us over with its catchy melody and relatable charm. 

It's like a finely crafted cocktail of indie-rock and alt-pop – a track that might soon become your uncontrollable addiction. For the sake of your ears and heart, of course!

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