Keyside - Turn Back The Time

February 12, 2024

Yes, we have to confess something: good indie-rock bands are now as rare as hen's teeth. Sure, we've had some good shivers in recent months with bands like dolorifics, The Collier, Sleep Walking Animals, The Trusted, or Luna Bay, but unfortunately, it's still too rare for our taste.

So, we're thrilled to introduce you to Keyside (Dan, Ben, Oisin, and Max), coming from Liverpool. Yes, the birthplace of The Beatles. We can only wish Keyside the same career! But the connection to other bands doesn't stop there. The first time we listened to their new single "Turn Back The Time," it was with the music video. And the physical resemblance between their vocalist Dan Parker and Craig Fitzgerald, the vocalist of the Irish band The Academic when he was a bit younger, is what struck us first.

Then, we discovered incredible vocals, and a band where the chemistry between each instrument is perfect. Each member has their place, without overshadowing the others; each member of the group plays a crucial role in this atmospheric track that will make you float.

Oisin's restrained drums don't overdo it and delicately enhance Ben's guitar. Max's bass takes control on the outro, and the whole reflects a warm ambiance (thanks to the perfect symbiosis of the band members) and a rather cold atmosphere that relates to the loss of our younger years. Can we really turn back time? That's the lingering question after these more than 200 seconds of musical pleasure. And we'll give you all the time you need to ponder it.

While not hesitating, of course, to play this masterpiece on repeat! With vocals worthy of Oasis and a high level of professionalism across the board, Keyside is definitely a promising band.

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