Lucie Glang & Dominic Romano - Friend

January 26, 2024

At IMC, we've got this fancy support program we like to call the "IMC Family". When an artist gets featured for the 5th time, they earn a golden ticket to our IMC Family Instagram group chat. Think of it as the VIP lounge for artists, where they can swap advice, form alliances, and maybe even plan world domination thanks to their incredible collabs. For you, our dear readers, having an artist from the IMC Family is like getting a golden seal of approval: you're in for a treat with every release.

Now, let's talk about the latest addition to our exclusive musical clan - Dominic Romano. We've written about him 6 times before, like when he dropped "Steady" with Anelda (another IMC familiar face). And get this, while he's busy producing Luna Keller's upcoming album, he still manages to churn out his own tunes. It's like he's got a secret stash of time hidden somewhere!

More recently, Dominic's teamed up with Lucie Glang, a fantastic German artist who you might remember from her 2021 masterpiece "Visions". Small world, huh? Lucie's been making waves in the indie music scene, and she even joined forces with Joe Pope, one of our very own IMC writers, for the banger "Coffee". It's like a mini indie music universe, and we love it.

Lucie plans to release an EP in June 2024, and this single is the first sneak peek. An EP where Lucie collaborated with artists from the United States, Iceland, Denmark, and she recently unveiled that some of these songs have been sleeping for six years. We're eagerly anticipating the rest. Because this unique voice captivated us instantly in 2021, and we haven't been able to forget it since.

Now, let's get back to the enchanting single "Friend". The magic of the internet brought Dominic and Lucie together for virtual writing sessions. And the result is this song, like a musical comfort blanket for when life gets a bit gloomy and chilly. We've all been there, right?

Imagine standing on a cliff by the sea, wind howling, and "Friend" playing in the background. It's the kind of song that makes you realize you're never alone. Lucie got the idea while thinking about her dog Nala, the true winter companion (you can spot Nala on the artwork). And since Dominic is also a dog enthusiast, their collaboration turned into this gem about friendship and change.

Life's full of unexpected twists, isn't it? Whether it's dealing with the seasons or those last-minute curveballs, we all need a "Friend" to get through it. This song comes with a reassuring hug for your ears. On a personal note, the last big change in my life involved bidding farewell to some toxic family members. Tough decisions, but hey, that's life. "Friend" became my anthem for those 'jumping into the void' moments. It's like a musical parachute.

Lucie recorded her vocals in Kiel, Germany, while Dominic laid down his tunes in Northern California. Harley Eblen, another IMC buddy, added his string wizardry from Oregon. It's a musical rendezvous spanning continents! Elliot Glinn put the final mastering touch, and 'Friend' was ready to conquer your heart. 

The result is downright mind-blowing. An enchanting folk ballad that kicks off with Lucie's magical vocals, soon joined by Dominic, sprinkling in subtle but absolutely essential harmonies to add that extra sparkle to this musical gem.

You might need a lungful of air to sing along to "my friend, you are the only reason why I like the change of season, I will follow you into the dark" because, let's be honest, that's a marathon of a sentence. But fear not! Lucie and Dominic, the pros that they are, make this vocal acrobatics look as easy as a stroll in the park.

Dominic takes the solo spotlight for the second verse, swiftly rejoined by Lucie to kickstart that infectious chorus. It's the kind of catchy tune that'll keep your mind humming for hours after you've listened. The final refrain is a rare beauty, lifted by those wonderful background vocals (yes, we're talking about those 'oh-ohs') and the magical strings courtesy of Harley Eblen. It's a combination that hits the sweet spot for what we're all about here at IMC: those goosebumps.

What you're hearing perfectly aligns with the initial concept: a musical embodiment of friendship and mutual trust resonating through comforting, warm harmonies – it's like a musical hug for your ears. Yes, truly, it's the kind of embrace you didn't know you needed until now.

If you're a musician looking for a talented producer, don't hesitate to reach out to Dominic, he will be there to accompany you at every stage of the process, and if it's a female singer you're looking for to give your track that irresistible touch of femininity, Lucie is the one you can turn to.

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