Lucie Glang - Seagull

February 29, 2024

It's no secret that I live in the sunny Southwest of France, right by the sea. I grew up in the chilly North of France, where every year we had the Dunkirk carnival. Weeks of festivities, joy, and cheer where everyone forgets their worries. Amidst all this hullabaloo, there's a seagull scream contest. It caught my attention a few days ago when I saw it on TV news. A few days later, the guy who was crowned "world champion of seagull screaming" without even realizing it, was touring all the TV shows. This dude chose quite a funny pseudonym: Steven Seagull.

The day after the world champion seagull screamer's last TV appearance, I stumbled upon Lucie Glang's new single. The song is called "Seagull." It's probably the weirdest coincidence I've had to write about in the last 22 years. Oh sure, there are plenty more I could compile into a book, but that's not today's topic. You can already listen to the three-part podcast "IMC Rewind" where I spill the beans about my career, and you'll have some juicy stuff to discover, like Ed Sheeran singing off-key in his early days.

So, let's kick off this article with quite an interesting comparison point, which could be reassuring for our young German singer. She can already say she sings much better than Ed Sheeran did in his early days. And just being able to say that is awesome. It might take up a bit of space on her resume, though, but it's impressive!

So, you know we're going to talk about Lucie Glang and her latest single "Seagull" today. So, don't be surprised if, once you hit play, you hear the sound of the sea gently caressing your ears. Did you feel that little breeze pass right over your ear? Just Lucie's unique voice brings in the salty air that feels good. I've mentioned it before, but I really think her voice has something special, it reaches deep inside you and can awaken long-buried feelings.

It's the kind of voice that inspires confidence, and I think Lucie should consider becoming a therapist. Because having such a warm voice should allow anyone to spill all their secrets with confidence. I think it could be an interesting concept, as Lucie could then draw inspiration from all these stories to write songs. Of course, I'm joking. Lucie doesn't need to waste ten years of her precious time on medical studies when her music career has already begun, and her voice can already heal some of us.

Yes, the first time I discovered her voice was in 2021 with the song "Visions". A song that impressed me with its originality, that stuck with me because of its catchy melody that I can still sing just by reading the title, even 3 years later... But most importantly, what literally won me over was this incredible voice. And from there, I believe Lucie can write any songs she wants, they'll be wonderful once highlighted by this unique voice. "Seagull" is no exception, the magic kicks in from the first few seconds. And in the chorus, she repeats the experience of "Visions," with a chorus that will seep into you as if it were injected intravenously. And you'll still be able to sing it in 3 years. The writing is absolutely incredible, and the perspective chosen by Lucie is very original, as she explains:

"It takes you on a journey to a stormy island, drawing comparisons to human relationships. The seagull becomes a symbolic narrator, screeching over the sea and watching the storm from above. It tells about similarities between nature and human behavior".

Produced by the Dane Martin Korsgaard, "Seagull" indeed takes us on a journey from the first few seconds if we give it our attention by closing our eyes. The funniest thing about this story is that we could also use the metaphor of the seagull flying over time, which passes faster than we think. Because in reality, Lucie took over three years to write this little gem! What would the seagull think if it learned it had to make such a long journey?

Indeed, Lucie started writing this little gem in 2020! With a very clear idea in mind:

"I realized that human relationships' similarities to how the ocean behaves, being dangerously calm before the storm and the uncomfortable silence after, trying to collect yourself. Wondering what a seagull might look down to, watching everything happen from the spectator’s perspective, the first verse ended up as an unfinished draft for a while that got finished almost three years later".

When you hear this song, you'll think it was worth the three-year wait for it to be finished. Because every word is in its place, every note is perfectly chosen, and Martin's production really brings a lot of depth to this airy and salty song. Here, by the seaside, we'll soon emerge gently from winter, after enduring numerous storms and restless nights. The seagulls have been unsettled for months by powerful gusts of wind, but we'll be delighted to see them again soon. And maybe they'll sing this song, which has an addictive power as strong as cocaine. I know nothing about cocaine, I assure you. But hey, if you're still singing it in 3 days without listening to it in between, you'll understand what I mean. This is the Lucie Glang's effect.

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