Marina Bennett - Trapeze

April 02, 2024

It was in 2021 that we stumbled upon the Canadian songstress Marina Bennett on IMC with her acoustic ballad "Alright", and we were immediately smitten by her extraordinary voice. In fact, we couldn't help but bring her up two more times that year.

Fast forward 3 years, and Marina is back on IMC from Vancouver with her new single "Trapeze," which takes us on a suspended journey through the air. Of course, this is a metaphor, as we're talking about those toxic relationships that sometimes force us into (too much?) acrobatics. A topic I'm quite familiar with, having written several articles about the toxic relationship I had with my mother for over thirty years.

So, it's a song that resonates with me easily and will probably strike a chord with anyone who has experienced that suffocating kind of relationship, where you never know which way is up, and always feel like you're on shaky ground: "We’re flying on the trapeze and I don’t know where we’re gonna land," sings Marina.

Co-written with Martina Armour (another artist previously featured on IMC) and produced by Chris Durkin, the song aptly captures the circus act in its production, with passages that feel suspended, especially at 1:15, right after the first chorus.

Powerful pop, emotionally charged, with vocal flights of fancy that only Marina can pull off, combining flawless vocal control, delightful vocal harmonies, and relatable lyrics. It builds up to a breathtaking finale. The chills you're looking for on IMC are right here. Just hit play.

And as it's Marina's fourth feature on IMC, you know what it means: she will join the IMC Family next time!

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