Mary Oz - Outrageous Love

March 23, 2023

If you like beautiful voices and storytellers, a bit like our favorite Irish girl Etaoin, you'll love Mary Oz's universe. Coming from the Philippines, Mary wrote this song between her native country and Scotland (with co-writer Amy Berry), two radically different cultures, and the track was produced by Alain Lee Godornes of Shelter Studios in Philippines, which lead to this unique mixture.

Singers capable of bewitching you with only their voice, like Colbie Caillat, for example, are rather rare. And the good news: Mary is one of them! With her new single "Outrageous Love", she sets the bar for quality very high, with careful writing and a most delicious vocal performance.

A song that many people can relate to, as Mary explained to us: "It's a song that hopes to reach the dark side of our souls, the skeletons we keep in our closets, the parts of us that we hate, the shame that we hide, the guilt that we carry".

With a vulnerability and sensitivity she's not afraid to show, Mary infuses every word with a little hope, no matter how dark the situation is. Her voice is like a pair of comforting arms that will bring you all the warmth you need.

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