Ollie Dixon - Reverie

March 31, 2023

At the end of November, you discovered Ollie Dixon on IMC with his single "Harbour". We remember having written at the time that the artist was one of the few survivors to make music that is here to last, in an era where everything is consumed very quickly. And it's confirmed when you listen to his new track released today, "Reverie".

What are we going to talk about today? Memories that suddenly fade away. And above all, the powerlessness we feel in the face of this terrible descent into hell that old age can sometimes bring us. Old age? Not that much, because when you think about it, 60 isn't that old. It was his grandparents' painful experience that inspired this song, as Ollie explains:

"I wrote Reverie in one evening, recorded in 1 day when witnessing my grandfather fall into dementia & struggles my grandmother had, witnessing her husband of 60 years forget everything that ever happened. to See someone who was a top engineer, lose themselves to their own mind, deteriorate into nothing & eventually passing away. It hits me hard."

Yes, you read correctly. Written in one evening and recorded in one day, this song is nevertheless a masterpiece that transported us directly inside a tormented spirit. With a lot of details in the production, smooth changes of intensity, and an omnipresent emotion whether in the melody or the lyrics. "Reverie" leads us to question ourselves, endlessly, about what we should do, or what we could have done:

"I realized I had many questions I never asked & now cant. Thinking that I took time for granted, not realizing how quickly it goes. So I ended up writing it from my view and what I thought was going on in his head. wanting to get the words out when he couldn't".

Yes, time flies. It is when we become aware of this that we begin to fully savor each moment of the present. Because we don't know what this present can become, and it can disappear forever. No turning back is possible.

This song with a strong emotional impact may be your companion if you go through these kinds of difficult times, as happened to us not long ago. Relatable songs are what keep us going. Ollie Dixon has understood it, and offers us another little gem to add urgently to our playlists! Because everything is perfect in this song, from the precise choice of instruments to the incredible vocals. A little masterpiece that ticks all the boxes.

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