[PREMIERE] Jeff Mailfert - The Way

April 04, 2024

There are songs that literally whisk you away to another place, just by closing your eyes. And "The Way", the new single from French singer-songwriter Jeff Mailfert, is one of those. The perfect soundtrack for escaping reality will drop tomorrow! And he chose IMC for an exclusive preview! Thank you so much, Jeff!

Back in late 2023, our folk artist enchanted me with his 5-track EP "Wooden Rhapsody", which he kindly sent me on CD, and I played it on repeat in the car for weeks. Even my girlfriend knows it by heart.

Making his debut on IMC in 2022 with the incredible single "Trecolpas", Jeff Mailfert is one of those artists who takes his time to refine his melodies and lyrics. Each project is carefully thought out and prepared so that the listener has nothing else to do but lie down, close their eyes, and enjoy the journey.

"The Way" is the quintessential indie-folk song, opening with an acoustic guitar that sets a warm atmosphere from the first few seconds. And then that incredible voice, perched in the high notes, with a touch of reverb, invites us to daydream and escape in an instant.

With highly descriptive lyrics, and plenty of nods to nature and landscapes, this track is like a breath of fresh air in the desert. Both salvational and liberating, leaving the horizon open to dreams, where anything is possible.

The song lasts over 4 minutes, which is considered long nowadays, as everyone is used to consuming content at lightning speed. But then there are purists, like us, who appreciate taking their time, and who may think that these nearly 260 seconds of pleasure are almost too short.

Mixed and mastered by the very talented Eliott Glinn, the song reveals many details that we invite you to discover with quality headphones.

And good news, it will soon have a beautiful visual accompaniment, as the music video will be available next Friday.

And we're already eager to escape between the moon and the stars, with this great traveler who draws inspiration from sublime landscapes and fills his heart with unforgettable encounters.

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