The Collection - Won't Stop Yet

February 25, 2022

If you think IMC is finding a lot of talent in North Carolina, you're right. After Thomas LaVine and The Graes last week, we're going back there for The Collection. It's not our fault if there is obviously a nest.

This isn't The Collection's first time at Indie Music Center. After seducing us with "Get Lost" in October, the band is back with "Won't Stop Yet", their new single released today.

The voice of David Wimbish, unique and which gives the band this recognizable sound identity, carried by beautiful vocal harmonies, is perfectly at ease in a more pop musical universe than usual and with more classical instruments.

More optimistic than ever, the song invites you to always persevere in what you're doing. There will always be plenty of events or things that will make you want to quit, but that's part of life. But every hour that passes, every step you take, is progress. This is the message of the catchy chorus: "I got one more hour, I got one more step [...] but I won't stop yet".

In this new single, a real pop-anthem, there are plenty of little production elements distilled with precision and elegance that make it a masterpiece. And above all there is a feeling that makes me believe that you can agree with me: when a song ends and you tell yourself "what? Already over?", this is a pretty good sign.

More than just a hymn to motivation, the song was also made to break up the rather dark daily life that we have just been through for two years, as David confides: "I finished the lyrics on New Year's Eve, processing entering another year of Covid, shutdowns and generally feeling exhausted. All this is going on, and yet there's something about a new year that is supposed to inspire and keep us going".

We already told you about this last time, but The Collection have more than ten years of experience and great music to discover. We are talking about real professionals, perfectly accustomed to the scene, and they are currently on tour in the USA and Canada to support Tall Heights and Ripe. They will play tonight in Portland and tomorrow in Seattle. If you're in the area, go for it!

Here, "Won't Stop Yet" already plays on repeat since we heard it for the first time, because there is an addictive side to this song that you cannot escape. A little extra nugget to add urgently to your playlists!

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Written with love by Niko. "Won't Stop Yet" has been added to our "Indie Music" playlist on Spotify.