Tommy Ashby - A Beautiful Day

September 22, 2022

We discovered Tommy Ashby and his incredible melodies in May 2020 with "One Word", which we are still able to sing by heart, even two years later.

Since then, the Scottish musician never stops rising and reaching more and more people. And that's good! We are really delighted that he was able to unite an audience and he deserves it!

If we wanted to tell you about Tommy Ashby's return to IMC, it's because his new single "A Beautiful Day" is probably one of the catchiest tracks we've heard this year so far.

Inspired by her grandmother, "A Beautiful Day" sounds like a beautiful tribute to a respectable lady, whom nature inspired to the highest degree. With a very folky and catchy melody, the song is a real anthem that will stay in your head for hours.

We all have memories, whether with grandparents or other people in our family, who passed on something to us. These memories build us and accompany us for a good part of our life, and this is what inspired this little masterpiece, as Tommy Ashby confides:

"The song describes how your memories can change in the remembering. Your recollection of a beautiful day changes over time, some details fall away and others come more sharply into focus. I also wanted to show how experiences are shaped by your mental state at the time. For example, the final verse describes rain on concrete, which wouldn't be a classically beautiful scene. But the words and music that envelop the scene mean that it is remembered wistfully. The verses describe snapshots of beautiful days, which is often how I remember things. My mind is definitely more of a camera than a video recorder".

And in a sense, luckily his mind isn't a video recorder. It reminds us of the third episode of the Netflix series "Black Mirror", "The Entire History of You", where people could record with their eyes every second of their lives to replay them at any time and let others watch them. We're going a bit from the main topic, and we're sorry. But Netflix is ​​somewhat linked to the career of the artist since his music has appeared in Netflix series like "Atypical" "The Innocents", and even beyond the borders of the platform, in "Grey's Anatomy" or "Love Island".

It is true that his tracks sometimes have a very cinematic side and it is not surprising that his music is associated with good quality film productions. If you loved "A Beautiful Day", make sure you check out Tommy Ashby's discography on Spotify, you may find a lot of gems to add to your playlists!

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