Vintz Desert - Made of Glass

May 06, 2023

You probably already know Vintz Desert if you follow IMC because he is an essential artist in our eyes. An incredible artist who we have seen grow and flourish with his music. Among more than 2000 artists that we have made you discover, he is undeniably in the top 20 of the most sensitive artists and this is felt in each of his tracks.

His new single "Made of Glass", released this week, is proof of an achievement, and shows all the vulnerabilities of Vintz Desert through a writing of incomparable emotion. A bit like our friend Stephen LaVine, and like many of us if you think about it, Vintz Desert asks himself a lot of questions, and we find them in this song, as he explains to us:

"It talks about the constant confusion and questions I have towards my being; questioning if I truly deserve to be happy if I believe the things that I tell myself."

Questions that form the chorus of this song which evolves in a magnificent chill-folk universe where the piano occupies an important place. A touching chorus, where questions arise: "What if I am broken? / What if I am made of glass? / Would I still be worth it? Would I still deserve to laugh?"

Vintz Desert said he was inspired by Novo Amor and we feel this atmosphere both tormented and calm, through the piano which carries all the weight of the questions on its shoulders, and the vocal harmonies which easily trigger shivers down your spine.

Like good wine, Vintz Desert has improved over the years and gives us in "Made of Glass" a hyper professional performance, without any flaws, and the care brought to the production (which he does himself), as the gradual addition of discreet percussion and trumpet in the final climb leads us to believe that the artist now has everything to impose himself on the indie scene.

With "Made of Glass", final track of the EP of the same title, he probably signs the most beautiful masterpiece of his discography.

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