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What does Indie Music Center offer?

We focus all our efforts, daily, to bring you the best of independent music, whether it's indie-folk, indie-pop, or indie-rock. We believe that a good song is a song made to stay. Stay in your mind. These are called emotional songs, which cause something unique in you, a chemical reaction: goosebumps. So we're here to give you your daily dose of goosebumps.

We mostly write and talk about emotional indie music, so will find loads of reviews about fresh releases and regular podcasts, featuring interviews and new music for your to discover.

Why does Indie Music Center exist?

Did you know that, in 2022, more than 100 000 new tracks are uploaded to Spotify and all music platforms... every single day?

Apple Music is really proud of that growth and they even say "Every day, over 20,000 singer-songwriters are delivering new songs to Apple Music — songs that make our catalog even better than it was the day before". Really? Are all these songs really worth it? 

We totally understand if you feel a bit lazy to go through all these playlists to find new musicians to support, it can be a hard job. 

Emotional music tends to disappear from radio stations. Short radio versions. Danceable tracks. The same tracks 18 times a day. That's it. Are you able to remember the last time you had goosebumps while discovering a new song on the radio? If the answer doesn't come instantly, you got it.

Emotional music is not going viral on TikTok. People are used to scrolling social media and consuming content really quickly. Videos going viral are under 15 seconds. While the time spent on digital content has increased dramatically, the time spent on single content has drastically decreased. And it became almost impossible for an underrated musician to capture attention on a magnificent song that lasts between 3 and 5 minutes. Is it doable in 15 seconds?

So where are those thrills you've been looking for? Is it really easy to find them among those 100 000 new tracks every day?

No worries about that anymore, we're here to make it easier for you. We realized that lots of underrated and independent musicians have this to offer you, thanks to their authenticity.

The goosebumps you're looking for are here, at Indie Music Center (IMC to make it short). Let indie music be the center of your world!

Why is there no link to your social media?

For a simple and good reason: we work hard to promote the artists we love. For us, the artists we promote are much more than artists: they are human beings, and they are part of the family in a way. Our reasoning is simple: it's not up to Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk to decide whether you should see our work or not. If you want to see our work, it's here.

You can create an account for free, and comment on our articles. There is no counter of likes either on our articles or on your comments. No competition. No feeling that others are better than you. No algorithm. Just human beings interacting with each other.


The story of IMC

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Hi everyone, I'm Nicolas Pirson (for the French version), or Nick Pearson (for the American version) - yes, "This Is Us" stole my name! I was there first! People also use to call me Niko to make it shorter. I'm the founder and editor-in-chief of IMC. I'm working around music for 21 years. I've been a radio presenter. I've recorded more than 300 songs that are still hidden in a hard disk drive (because my passion is to share the music of others rather than my own).

I was "different"

I was born in France in 1987 with a double cleft lip and palate, and the doctors told my parents that I could never speak. It seems they were wrong because, at the age of 14, I sat behind a microphone on a real FM radio. I was bullied at school for so many years, and the radio studio was a wonderful refuge, to show what I was capable of, without people being able to see me. But my schoolmates were really in awe of what I was doing on the radio, "as the grown-ups", and they suddenly stopped making fun of me and became my first fans. Surprisingly, I wasn't "different" anymore. I've always hidden behind humor, and I won an eloquence contest when I was 15 and I made hundreds of people laugh without really realizing it.

To people or musicians who are lacking self-confidence, who feel mocked or rejected because they are in their bubble: trust yourself. Just because you're told you're different doesn't mean you won't be able to do what you love. And just like I did, I wish you nail their beak with your talent.

From radio waves to IMC

So... I first started promoting indie music to FM radio listeners in 2001, when I was... 14! At that time, I was only doing this to help some of my favorite local bands. My interviews were full of jokes and funny games, because as I was different, I always wanted to make things differently, probably to catch people's attention and show what I was able to do. Then created my own online radio station (called "Pop'N'rocK Radio") in 2005 when I was a student. And I realized the power of the internet. The radio quickly crossed the borders and made these musicians reach another audience outside of their own country. While I kept on being active on several FM radio stations across my country, even big ones, my online radio station became a whole platform, and I started writing reviews about the songs I was used to playing on the radio. I was born as someone who wasn't supposed to speak French properly, and I started spending my days working in English with musicians from all over the world. I had to pause the project for a year in 2016 when my GF got cancer. My fights are always like this: 100% or nothing.

A real and growing community

When we knew she was out of danger, I came back to the project in 2017. And I needed something more than just writing reviews. I really wanted to help people to find peaceful and beautiful music, and also help musicians to connect with each other. I wanted my readers to be able to reach out to the musicians they love easily. So it became much more than a blog, I wanted it to be a community. I wanted indie music to be the center of their lives. I wanted the platform to be a kind of center where you can find everything about indie music at the same place. That's how I came up with the name "Indie Music Center". Musicians submitted 10K+ songs to IMC and it quickly became difficult to manage alone. So at the beginning of 2021, Luna Keller, a wonderful singer-songwriter from Germany joined us and brought a younger and fresher point of view to IMC. We started hosting her podcast "Why Doesn't Everyone Know These Songs" on the platform, while it's still played on several radio stations, including ours. We were then joined by Joe Pope in June 2021, another amazing artist from Atlanta, who loves talking and writing about music and musicians, who enlarged this wonderful team.

In April 2021, we celebrated 1000 reviews with a special week of celebration, including special interviews with some of our IMC Family members


Now we have loads of returning readers every month, from 142 countries, to read our reviews written with our hearts, and listen to our podcasts. Every month of this year, we got +30% of readers. Our community is small but it's also one of the most engaged and we're proud of them. Building honest and true relationships will always be our priority.

In September 2022, we launched a podcast called "Indie Hour". Basically, it's around an hour and features our best discoveries of the month and also an interview with a special guest.


We'd love to get more writers on board. So if you feel like you'd like to write for us, feel free to reach out via Instagram. And if you're a musician, you're also very welcome, as we have a column called "Artist Pick: artists writing about artists".

I'm a musician and would love to submit my music to IMC!

Sure. We're looking forward to hearing your music! Hit the submit button in the menu and send us your music! We wrote a whole walkthrough article to give you some tips :)