June 02, 2018

What artists said about us...

"Very kind and loved the coverage, playlists, and social media shout-outs"

Zack Fletcher

August 11, 2021


"Thank you so much for the incredible review and support. One of the best experiences on here! I really struggle with this side of music, self-promo etc, but you have made it so much better"

Sonata Kay

July 30, 2021


"Very nicely written blog post. They did not just copy the press release, they actually wrote original content with their own opinions! Sadly, that is quite rare these days."


July 1st, 2021


"Such a wonderful experience to work with them. Thank you for everything!"

Sofia Biancardi

June 25, 2021


"Very thoughtful review, that probably took a lot of time and effort."


June 18, 2021


"Thank you Indie Music Center for this crazy nice review. It is with a big smile that I sit and drink my tea this peaceful spring morning"


April 6, 2021


"Thank you so much to Niko at Indie Music Center for such a beautiful review of "Alright" and thank you to Jacqueline Loor Music for sharing my song which made it possible for him to hear it!"

Marina Bennett

April 1st, 2021


"I am so grateful that people are taking the time to really listen to this song and to know what it is all about. Thank you Indie Music Center for the kind words!"

James Mackenzie

March 10, 2021


"I just read your review in detail. I'm humbled by the appreciation you have for my music, truly. Thank you for writing such a kind review and for taking the time to listen to the details of the song. It was a lot of hours in creation and although most listeners will miss those details, you have brought them to life in your review. Thank you again! Always good to have a fan in you."

Kolby Knickerbocker

February 10, 2021


"I honestly enjoyed reading this review a little more than the others as it seems like the writer truly and genuinely loved my song and has spent a good amount of time digging into its emotions and lyrics. You know, these kinds of reviews tend to include some copy/pasting. But this one was different and authentic...not to mention, make it seem like my music is written in heaven."

Eli Gauden

January 11, 2021


Absolutely amazing channel, they go above and beyond! THANK YOU"

James Ghareeb

December 23, 2020


"They gave me a thoughtful, well-written review and featured me heavily on their social media! It was a great experience working with them!"

Ellie Rouge

December 20, 2020


"Excellent blogger with very professional look and coverage!!"

Charit Way

December 16, 2020


"Fantastic coverage. They may not have a mega-following but they will treat you so well and share your music everywhere, which, when you're starting out, is all you can ask for."

Cass & Crossland

December 11, 2020


"I cannot fault the support of this platform. The level of care support they give to each and every artist they cover is second to none. We need more platforms who go the extra mile and put the music first like Indie Music Centre do. 5 stars!!!"

Hugo Valentine

December 8, 2020


"Thanks Indie Music Center for the super awesome review."

Tiny Fighter

December 7, 2020


"Big thanks to Indie Music Center for this piece on the Restrain Ep - if your songs can bring someone to tears, I’m not sure there’s a bigger compliment."

Dessie Magee

December 2, 2020


"Always an absolute joy to work with. The time, effort and dedication to not only the platform but to each and every artist is incredible. They always go the extra mile with multi-layered coverage and it is so appreciated. Thank you! x"


November 27, 2020


"Really happy with the support and coverage provided. Super professional blogger and curator who is great at what he does"

Abel Hawnt

November 18, 2020


"Such a lovely experience! Really appreciated the support and genuine interest in the music"

Madeline Finn

November 17, 2020


"One of the most passionate bloggers in the game, very communicative and supportive."

Carnival Kid

November 15, 2020


"Amazing review! Very detailed and personal. Thank you!"

Ben Brandt

November 13, 2020


"Indie Music Center shared my song as soon as it was released and wrote a really kind and thoughtful review. They are great to talk to and super helpful!"


October 22, 2020


"Amazing to work with and extremely recommended!"

Tanner Cherry

October 09, 2020


"Always a pleasure working with these guys!"

Ben Greenberg

August 28, 2020


"Awesome! Lovely to deal with. Great coverage too. We will be submitting our future releases for sure!"

Brass Phantoms

August 15, 2020


"Very quick to respond, easy to work with, great feedback! :)"

Kevin Atwater

August 14, 2020


"Great to work with, and really nice coverage! Thanks again!"

Ben Greenberg

July 25, 2020


"Brilliant coverage, great communication and just lovely to deal with!"

The Trusted

July 05, 2020


"Easy and positive communication, really nice coverage of my song! Quick to share. Thanks so much Niko and Indie Music Center :)"

Ben Greenberg

June 26, 2020


"Indie Music Center is great to work with. Professional through and through. Looking forward to sending new music their way."

Kid Politics

June 16, 2020


"Niko was super kind and did a really nice review of my single! Thank you for everything!"


June 01, 2020


"Excellent coverage and very easy to work with. Would highly recommend!"

Scott Boyd

May 21, 2020


"Fantastic review and great communication band exposure, would definitely recommend working with"


May 20, 2020


"Incredible outlet! We are so happy about their extensive support on multiple platforms. Great communication, super grateful for their support! :)"

New Rivals

May 19, 2020


"They're easy to communicate with, really kind and passionate about supporting indie artists. They wrote a wonderful post on my song, added it to two great playlists and shared it. Just AMAZING!"

Luna Keller

May 18, 2020


"Indie Music Center blew us away with the effort and depth of their blog review. Many other blogs leave cookie cutter reviews but not these guys. Awesome!!"


May 08, 2020


"Amazing review and blog post, also added me to 2 Spotify playlist which always helps! Thanks so much"

Joe Ramsey

May 07, 2020


"Indie Music Center was an absolute pleasure. Easy communication and a ton of coverage. Beautiful write up as well! Wonderful group to work with. Thanks IMC!"

Thomas LaVine

May 02, 2020


"Fantastic coverage!"

Carnival Kid

April 24, 2020


"Very nice blog, they totally understood the track and also shared the accompanying visuals. Awesome!"

Jane H.


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