A Sip of Music - November 9, 2021

November 09, 2021

Hey everyone, happy Tuesday! Hope you guys had a great weekend! Let's talk about indie music again in this really cool column, "A Sip of Music".

We hope you will enjoy this selection of songs! Don't hesitate to tell us what you think about them on the Discord server. Have a wonderful day, folks!


Honey&Eve - Is It Ok

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Now let's go to Berlin, to discover an incredible track that the band itself calls "Cinematic Dark Pop".

Honey & Eve, (Hannah and Alex), met not so long ago, in March 2020, when Germany found itself, like many countries, completely frozen for a few weeks. They wanted to offer a boost of energy to this world that was falling asleep. This is how the Honey & Eve adventure began.

And this meeting is a real sign of the universe because it seems that they were made to work together.

"Is It Ok" is not a new song, as they already released it this summer, along with a wonderful and professional music video that you can watch below:

The song is about those toxic relationships that can easily destroy you. And I speak knowingly. But they wanted to give it even more power, and their dream would be to get sync opportunities, why not in a film. This is why the band wanted to rework the track to give it a more cinematic side, and it's a success. Result of the collaboration with a talented cellist, the cinematic version benefits from more orchestral instrumentation, which gives it all its letters of nobility.

It is not, as some might think, a sleight of hand, but a real burst of creativity. The same song can have a different impact if you are offered different versions. Remember Ed Sheeran's "Perfect", which has had four versions (the studio version, the duet with Beyoncé, the symphonic duo with Andrea Bocelli, and finally the acoustic version). Four versions, but four different musical universes. And in my humble opinion, Honey & Eve made the right choice, because it allows reaching a wider audience.

Still working on their debut album, they made this daring bet to release a cinematic version, and they did well. We wish them a long road, full of musical adventures, that we will be happy to witness.


Meadowlark - Disposable

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It is often said that there are signs of the universe that cannot be ignored. The fact that Kate McGill and Dan Broadly met is one of them.

Under the name Meadowlark, the British duo is still in our minds, as they had already made an appearance on IMC three years ago. Their latest single, "Disposable" was released last Friday, and it's an absolute gem.

If you are going through a breakup right now, or are about to go through one, this song will help you put things into perspective, and understand that after all, life is just a chain of relationships. When a relationship ends, others begin.

Of course, the transition from one chapter to another in our life is never easy, but with the right songs, it is always easier to fight.

Meadowlark goes through the years with ease, and their music just keeps getting better. A special nod to their incredible cover of the Sugababes' hit "About You Now", which you can find on their Spotify.

From words, lived history, feelings, the duo literally creates musical lace.


Autumn Nicholas - Dealing

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Autumn Nicholas has an exceptional voice. The kind of voice we love. Very addictive on its own.

And her new single "Dealing" is worse than a hard drug. When we started listening to it, we couldn't stop. You've probably been through times when you wonder about anything and everything, and you have a hard time putting up with yourself.

This song refers to this feeling of loss of control, as the artist explains: "It's about figuring out how to deal with yourself and not to constantly looking to social media and other places to figure out who you are and who you are not. And then deciding who you want to be."

It's true. Always remember that social media isn't real. This is neither real life nor reality. And this obsession with numbers tends to disgust us, too, sometimes...

With a very polished production, totally convincing writing, and this breathtaking voice, Autumn Nicholas wowed us in less time than it takes to say it. Sometimes reminding me of rather distant memories, at a time when we saw the birth of a certain Kelly Clarkson, this singer has enormous potential.

And you might hear from her in the next few years if she maintains that extremely high quality. A must-have for your playlists.


Jonny Morgan - Yesterday's Clothes

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We have always thought that electric guitar and acoustic guitar go together very well in an indie-folk universe. Jonny Morgan proves it to us in "Yesterday's Clothes".

His warm voice delivers fabulous words to us, in small waves. With the same softness as waves on a sandy beach.

With a palpable tension, the song grows little by little until offering us a fantastic last minute, where the cohabitation of the many production elements is done wonderfully. The piano adds yet a final touch of sensitivity, while the bass provides the muscular side.

The artist confided that it "was written in iPhone notes, on a lonely late night walk home after missing the last bus." Another proof that, sometimes, small disappointments in daily life can lead to a great moment of creation.

The north London-based artist debuted in 2019 ... at Glastonbury! And this is only the beginning of a great and beautiful adventure. Because if all his next releases are on the same level as this song, you are going to have to watch him closely. And then you can be proud to say, "I was there in the beginning," when that pretty flower is going to bloom.


The Frontier - On the other side

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The Frontier is a one-man band from Virginia, whose music has appeared in Netflix series or on MTV. So you can trust us: it's great quality.

His new single "On the other side" is the perfect meeting of the three genres that we usually feature on IMC: indie-pop, indie-rock and indie-folk.

Yes, the artist has achieved this incredible magic trick: bringing together several musical universes to create his own unique universe. And it works wonderfully.

We were immediately hooked by the power of this breakup song, its catchy melody, and impressive vocals. The artist masters his art down to the smallest detail. The precision of the vocals is quite disconcerting, it is to the millimeter!

Exactly the kind of songs that would suit many of your playlists. The only problem you will have is choosing which one.


This column has been made with love by Niko. All songs added to our "Fresh Indie" playlist on Spotify.


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