BAYWUD - All Together Now

February 11, 2021

The year 2020 is probably, in our time, the year that has changed our perception of the world the most. 2020 showed us that anything that man took thousands of years to build could be shattered in just a few months. Above all, this year taught us to be strong and to come together to fight against a common enemy.

Of course, this very particular context inspires many artists. And the current era brings us wonderful musical jewels, like "All Together Now". A song that calls for unity.

With a powerful and heady chorus, the song is a huge pop anthem that can only bring us joy and motivation to face 2021, which does not look much better.

Together we can all build something great. This is the whole message of this song, the production of which is worked out to the smallest detail. Very well written, the track builds slowly to an epic final part.

Our platform has already offered you big pop anthems, with great potential, but here we have something huge. The hook of the chorus is so huge that you will sing along. I promise you!

What if "All Together Now" becomes the official anthem of joy for 2021?

Well done, BAYWUD, you won us over!

Included in our "Indie Pop" playlist, and of course, you will now hear this amazing track on the Indie Music Radio.

BAYWUD's point of view :

This song is about overcoming hardships, finding the strength in ourselves and in others, and coming together to help pull each other out from under the rubble.  It’s a fight song that is meant to evoke strength and courage and bring a sense of community and solidarity.

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More about BAYWUD :

Baywud (pronounced bay-wood) is an L.A. based indie artist, songwriter, and musician, classically trained on the piano. (We don't have to) Walk Alone was written about the current state of the world; a world divided by race, religion, and politics. The song is about uniting, putting our differences aside, and learning to love each other despite our many egos. It’s a wish that we can somehow come together, open our hearts, and move towards a better future. The song is getting radio airplay across the USA and internationally and was just featured on Sirius XM ' the Pulse /Train Tracks'. Baywud's debut EP includes acoustic versions of previous singles and introduces a brand new song. 'Where was I then' was inspired by a friend of his who passed away, due to suicide It is a song of regret that wholeheartedly reflects on Baywud’s emotional struggles from the horrific event.


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