Dave McKendry - Gravestone

September 16, 2022

Originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland, Dave McKendry embarked on a pretty crazy adventure: cycling across Europe. A fantasy epic that made him reconsider his relationship with music, as people asked him where they could find his music. He started a new chapter now that he's based in Vienna, Austria.

His new single "Gravestone", a taste of an upcoming album, is a real nugget. And an amazing series of contrasts. The song opens with an acoustic guitar and a rather deep but warm voice. Then the seconds pass, and the song grows, slowly, until a first chorus which lets us glimpse the enormous emotional potential of the track. It's in a higher key that the second verse starts and the intensity continues to climb little by little, and this ascent continues until the end of the song to give us gigantic chills.

We then feel all the emotions of the singer, each line being more powerful than the previous one, and the last minute is fabulous, as it brings us an emotion that is both intense and reassuring. "Gravestone" is the song you need if you are currently in a low period.

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