Elijah Mann - Dust Storm Darlin'

May 27, 2022

If you regularly read our reviews on IMC, you may have already noticed that the songs we need are always released at the right time. And Elijah Mann's "Dust Storm Darlin'" is one of them.
It's been a few weeks since I posted any content on IMC and I'm sincerely sorry. But life has given me a few surprises in recent weeks. Some good and some bad.

My mother, who always had a toxic hold on me, and always wanted to control and manipulate others to the point of destroying several entire families, fell into a coma following a forty-minute cardiac arrest. She got away with it, and she's recovering now. I did what was necessary, every day, to be at her side, despite our past disagreements. But I will never forget the day the hospital called me, to say "come and say goodbye to your mother".

Elijah Mann had a somewhat similar experience with his grandmother when he flew to Alabama to see her for the last time. From this experience was born the song you are listening to today.

Elijah Mann's songs began to appear on IMC in September 2021. The adventure began with "Without My Breath", with the fantastic singer Ellajay. Then, last February, Elijah was back with "Clementine", an emotionally powerful song that gave us chills. The Brooklyn-based artist has therefore accustomed us to taking big waves of emotions in the face. But this new single is a real slap.

If the song speaks to me, obviously it will speak to many of you, because we've all experienced this rather strange feeling of the suspension of time, when we know that things will never be the same again but that we're just... helpless. Written a bit like a goodbye letter, "Dust Storm Darlin'" is a gut-wrenching folk ballad that has the ability to make you shed a tear very easily. With a very cosmic side, as Elijah confides about the development of the song:

"It was inspired in part by the story of The Mars Opportunity Rover. "My battery's low, and it's getting dark" was the last transmission sent to Earth by the 14-year-old robot after getting caught in a planetary dust storm. In response, the scientists at NASA sent a recording of Billie Holliday's "I'll Be Seeing You". This story was all I could think about as I flew to Alabama to see my grandmother for the last time."

Elijah Mann always uses powerful and moving words and very colorful metaphors that allow us to immerse ourselves completely in the situation and to feel the same feelings as the songwriter. The artist evokes the "last goodbye" more as an opportunity than just a terrible and inevitable situation. It is then that we understand the full maturity of the artist, who has the necessary perspective and distance to continue to move forward in life.

This song is a real gem of sensitivity and, I'm not going to hide it: a real crutch for anyone who needs support right now.

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Written with love by Niko. "Dust Storm Darlin'" has been added to our "Indie Music" playlist on Spotify.