Joe Hicks - Sail Away

September 08, 2022

Having already supported Sam Fender, James Walsh and Starsailor on stage, English singer-songwriter Joe Hicks is no beginner. It has been almost six years since his talent has filled his Spotify artist profile with different tones and musical horizons. We took the time to listen to everything. Yes, for several hours, we enjoyed the music of Joe Hicks and we literally fell in love with this artist. Among our favorites, are "Make It Home" or "Swim". But it's up to you to form your own opinion. In any case, you will find there hours of musical pleasure and you will see that choosing a favorite is not easy.

Because Joe Hicks is an amazing artist with many strings to his bow. His new single "Sail Away", scheduled to be the opening track of his album "The Best I Could Do at the Time" which will be released on September 23, is a real emotional bomb.

The artist handles the different levels of intensity wonderfully and plays with his voice with incredible ease. He is able to sing very high notes without any problem.

If you're in need of motivation right now and feeling a little lonely, this song will definitely bring love back into your sights. After all, it seems that love controls a lot of things in this world.

Moreover, about the song, Joe says: "It's a reminder to myself that regardless of what happens in my life and career, to love and be loved is the only thing that really matters. As soon as I had the intro chords, I knew that they felt like a beginning of a 'track one', and so that informed how the rest of the song was written and recording was built up. It's really nice to have the album open with those tension-building strings, as it's a color palette I've never used before".

Alright, the intro is a nice start, whether it's a single song or a whole big project like an album. And the intensity rises very quickly, with beautiful vocal harmonies and a super catchy melody that you absolutely won't be able to resist. You have been warned.

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