Margot Polo - Can You Hear Me?

September 17, 2021

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Perhaps it's still too early to take stock of the past 18 months. But it's obvious that the pandemic has affected us all, in one way or another. I know this with my main job since half of my clients (restaurants and small shops) have definitely closed their doors. That's why I have a lot more time to devote to IMC, and I like it.

We all had feelings of frustration, and at times we felt that didn't really know where we are anymore ... And sometimes we had the impression that we are alone in the middle of space and that no one can hear us. That's kind of the idea behind this new single from Margot Polo.

You don't know this artist? So ... How to tell you. It's not easy because it's like I have to introduce you to someone ... who is almost part of the furniture at IMC! He even knew my previous projects (Pop'N'rocK Radio, for example), and I covered his first releases back in 2017.

Behind this nickname is David Provenzano, an artist with many hats, who does everything himself. Moreover, this is not his first appearance on IMC, since he is also part of the band Fialta (which we presented to you in November 2020 with "Paradise").

Since we know him, this little guy has come a long way! His incredible music has been featured on TV shows like "16 & Pregnant", or "Chicago Fire" to name a few. With Margot Polo, his solo project, he's just... having a blast! And he expresses all his creativity. Be careful, I'm not saying he doesn't do it in all of his other projects. But with Margot Polo, it's different, and it shows.

Always very colorful, his releases are stunning and his work is brilliant, on all levels. From the writing to the creation of the melody, from the mixing to the production, everything is mastered from A to Z and David is a true professional.

It is therefore not a surprise if this new single "Can You Hear Me" immediately hooked us with its power and its joyful side, despite rather melancholic lyrics. I believe it's time for all of us to move on to the next chapter. Of course, we will not forget the last 18 months, which have been a great lesson in life. But we come out of it grown, and we know that we have to enjoy every little pleasure in life.

This song is one of them. A real little pleasure in life (but not a guilty one), that we take great pleasure in listening to and listening to again. If we loved it, you will love it. And if you loved it, your friends will love it. So you know what you have to do, right?

This gem has been added to our "Fresh Indie" Spotify playlist, make sure you follow this playlist below to discover incredible new music every day.

Written by Niko.


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