Marti West - The Way Back Home

September 10, 2021

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To be honest, we've been monitoring what Marti West is doing for a few years. We have always loved its intimate atmosphere and its art of mastering both writing and composition.

It is therefore with great pleasure that we finally welcome him on IMC to tell you about his new single "The Way Back Home", released today. With magnificent vocal harmonies and a decidedly folk and relaxing atmosphere, the song will resonate with you like never before.

If you're feeling a bit lost right now, which is kinda normal given the pretty bizarre times we're going through, then this song might be your cure. And also integrate your next feel-good playlist.

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, it's important to remember that, even if it sounds a bit cheesy. But surrounding yourself with the right songs is just as important as keeping the motivation to wake up each morning.

Marti told us that he wrote this song about halfway through 2020. He considers 2020, like most of us, as "a strange and difficult year when I was feeling isolated and lost".

The artist confided that "it's a song about someone who doesn't know where they should be or what they should do. I was trying to figure out my next move - what path to take - but scared of making a misstep, and out of that uncertainty came this song".

Marti West is an artist who has never given up, and he was right, because little by little, his name on the international indie scene is taking more and more space, and it is well deserved. From the UK to Sweden, his back and forth trips allowed him to taste different European cultures, which gave him a taste for others and the desire to share his experiences. Obviously outward-looking, Marti is one of those artists that we would all like to have in our band of friends, to sing a song for us on the beach at sunset.

"The Way Back Home" seems to be a turning point for Marti West, and you can feel the tide. All the artists we showcase here work hard to make it happen, and in the end, they only need one song to explode. THE one. And this could be THE one.

This gem has been added to our "Fresh Indie" Spotify playlist, make sure you follow this playlist below to discover incredible new music every day. You will also find the lyrics below, feel free to sing along! We won't tell anyone, no worries ;)

Written by Niko.



Keep me from my pen and an empty page
I can’t bear to write no more today

And it feels like so many things are out of place
It feels like the whole world is on my case

Oh mama, won’t you show me the way back home
Oh mama, won’t you show me the way back home

I wake up in the night wishing I was gone
I can’t tell the left from right or right from wrong

Oh mama, won’t you show me the way back home
Oh mama, won’t you show me the way back home

Oh mama, won’t you show me the way back home
Oh mama, won’t you show me the way back home


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