Noah Gundersen - Sleepless in Seattle

September 16, 2021

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Noah Gundersen will release his new album "A Pillar of Salt" on October 8, two years after the fabulous "Lover".

His new single "Sleepless in Seattle" is an excellent preview for it. Noah is not unknown to me, because one of the artists of the IMC Family has already told me about him: Thomas LaVine. Indeed, Noah is Thomas' favorite singer. And now I understand why. Each of his releases is right in the middle of the target every time. And I even spotted certain vibes in this song, which I sometimes find in Thomas' music. I think his source of inspiration is excellent! We'll get back to Thomas soon as he'll release some new music for you guys!

In this new single from Noah, where the artist walks the streets of a city he has known well for years, there's a lot of emotion:

"I moved to Seattle in 2009, just 20 years old. I lived out of my sleeping bag in garages, under tables, on layers, until finally moving into a place in the Queen Anne neighborhood with some friends. There was a feeling that anything was possible."

I also grew up in this kind of place where everything was possible, in the greatest recklessness. My hometown, in the north of France, had nearly 15,000 inhabitants, you could lose your job and find another one in less than 2 days, there were about forty bars and theaters, cinemas, shops ... Then the factories closed one after the other and the decline was unstoppable for decades. I went back there at the end of 2020 to visit my father, after years without setting foot there, and I was shocked to see that my high school had been razed to make way for apartment buildings, I saw hundreds of houses for sale, some for less than $ 8,000, dozens of stores closed permanently, and the number of pubs reduced from forty to ... three. No one left on those desperately empty sidewalks, and a city that had no soul. The covid had been there.

Noah also experienced this feeling of rather incredible disappointment, because he had the same feeling with Seattle:

"Over time, like all things, the city changed. The few bands that 'made it' moved away, while the less fortunate gracefully bowed out when the insurmountable odds finally stacked too high. Tech companies moved in and priced out the artists. culture of the place I fell in love with slowly disappeared. When Covid hit in early 2020, all the bars closed and I finally realized my time there was over."

I felt the same feeling of emptiness and vowed never to come back to live in my hometown, much like Noah:

"So I packed up and left. And yet, like Lot's wife, I can't help looking back, the voice in my head taunting me with Springsteen's 'Glory Days.' I loved Seattle. I miss it. Or I guess I miss the memory of it".

It's exactly that! Unfortunately, we can only keep memories of those endless evenings, those happy people who did not care about the next day and these schools full of children. It is often said on IMC that music is a great remedy for everything. Maybe we said bullshit. Because that kind of feeling cannot be cured. But music at least allows us to keep images, memories, and share them with others.

With lyrics full of memories and melancholy, I would even say nostalgia, Noah Gundersen manages to seduce us deep within ourselves, with his unique voice and his irresistible charisma. With another masterpiece.

The song is accompanied by a very nice music video, in black and white, which you will have the pleasure of watching below:

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Written by Niko.



Sleepless in Seattle, I couldn’t find a better name for this

If idle hands make devil’s work, maybe we should

build a church just so we can burn it down

‘Cause every bar in this city reminds me of somebody now

If I get drunk at 12th and Union,

whose street will I go wandering down

So I don’t want to go home

I don’t want to go home

Brian’s on a barstool, talking to his tall can again

All that acid in the 90’s, he said it made a man out of him

All his LA friends got married, a wife,

a house, a couple kids

He’s just trying to keep the dream alive

and if it dies then he and I

just might die right along with it

So I don’t want to go home

I don’t want to go home

Where it’s just half finished skyscrapers

begging the question

Does anyone care anymore?

This city was built on the back of a spirit

that I can’t feel anymore

Maybe there’s a new anger or a new seed

for some younger farmer to sow

But right now it feels like last call on New Year’s Eve

And the bar tender is telling me to go

But I don’t want to go home

I don’t want to go home


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