Scott Jackson - Near Autumn

September 16, 2022

It is rare these days to find artists who dare to bet on a full-length album. Yes, this format so adored for decades and tends to disappear little by little, especially in the world of independent music. Why?

Quite simply because even if the Internet has opened the door to thousands of new tracks daily, it has also changed consumption habits, especially through social networks: everything is consumed quickly, very quickly. We realized this at IMC, like many blogs: the detailed content is too long for today's era.

However, there are still diehards, and we are one of them, who like to discover these longer contents, because they offer something unique, that the 15-second contents don't have: the impression of living a unique experience by disconnecting from the world.

That's what we did with Scott Jackson's new album, "Near Autumn". And if you too are not afraid to use an hour of your time for an activity that will transport you elsewhere and completely disconnect you from the rest of the world, you are welcome! The album opens with an instrumental intro, "Aspen Dust", which sets the scene: we then gradually understand where we have set foot, and we know that we are going to have a great time. And above all, we understand that Scott Jackson is an excellent guitarist. But not only.

The artist himself recorded, mixed, and mastered the entire album, and it could not be otherwise. Because he managed to create a unique musical universe, with deep-rooted folk origins, and it would be a shame to let someone outside intervene in his meticulous work.

Each song is like a chapter in a book, and each new chapter has its share of good surprises and twists. Special mention for "Lighthouse on the Coast", which, even if it is super difficult to choose a favorite, particularly seduced us.

"Farm River" is the little pearl of the album. Nestled between two sung songs, the instrumental part of 2:20 marks like a break. Itself divided into two very distinct parts, and makes the album take on new momentum when we discover "Winter's Breath".

The second part of the album is generally a little quieter and more chill. With instruments absent until now, like the surprising xylophone in "Roads and Artifacts", sublimated by magnificent violins.

The whole is very coherent, thanks to Scott Jackson's perfect vocal mastery: never aggressive, his voice lands delicately like a feather landing on the ground. His acoustic guitar playing is absolutely incredible and lays the solid foundation for each song, like a velvet carpet, just waiting for the lyrics to come to life.

Wait. We forgot to tell you something. The main reason why we had to tell you about this album: really very elaborate writing. Yes, Scott Jackson gives the impression of writing as he breathes. It's natural, fluid, regular, and flawless! Every line of this album is a delight.

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