Sonny Casey - A Saving Grace

August 20, 2021

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On June 25th we brought you "Dirty Laundry", a song by the talented Carley Varley, from Bournemouth. It was while reading this article about this song about toxic relationships that Sonny Casey, from Ireland, thought it would be a good idea to send us her new single.

Of course, it was a good idea! Because the song is incredibly charged with emotion and fits perfectly with the emotional universe of IMC. Indeed, it's Sonny's turn to talk to us about these relationships that are more dangerous and toxic than anything. I already told you about it in the article about Carley Varley, I have this kind of relationship, not with my GF but with my mother.

So I am (in spite of myself) able to tell you how difficult it is to get rid of it and move on. But when all the evidence is there, you have to face the facts: the relationship is toxic, and ending it will do us more good than harm in the end.

With incredible delicacy, Sonny Casey describes these strange feelings. The desire that we have, to continue this relationship while keeping a glimmer of hope and telling ourselves that everything will be better tomorrow. And at the same time, the evidence that nothing will ever change if we don't make the right decision.

With a soft and warm voice, Sonny seduced us. No, I can even say "bewitched" and immediately took us into her musical universe. Originally titled "It’s Not Too Late", the song, which has now become "A Saving Grace" (after facing the obvious), the song can help you to open your eyes. Because when you are in this kind of situation, most of the time, you do not see anything. As if you were blind. And outside advice is often welcome. Like "a saving grace". But keep hope, because everything is always possible.

The Irish artist wanted to send a message, with this song: "if you're in something that makes you feel bad most of the time, it's probably because it is bad. You can't make someone happy if they're not happy with themselves. Happy, healthy love exists and you deserve it. Get out of there. It's not too late."

I couldn't have said better. Thank you Sonny, you moved us.

Also, the music video has also been released today and it's pure beauty. You can watch it below.

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Written by Niko.



Call it a nightmare, call it a dream

Take it apart now, apart at the seams

Something broken, something to fix

Hold me I'm choking on whatever this is

Take your space, I'll take my time

A slave to rage, rage that blinds

This is hard to say, this is hard to write

A Saving Grace in the nick of time

A list of how to make amends

A page torn out, 'let's not let this end'

Tell my mother you won't hurt me

I'm wide awake now, sing me to sleep

Take your space, I'll take my time

A slave to rage, rage that blinds

For goodness sake I thought we'd be fine

A Saving Grace in the nick of time

We hurt each other as we've been hurt

A step mistaken, a heart misheard

Take your space, I'll take my time

It's not too late. You know that, right?

Anyone can change if they just decide

A Saving Grace in the nick of time


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