Thomas LaVine - World Of Gray

May 01, 2020

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It's a warm guitar, and a voice that is even more so, that welcomes us to "World Of Gray", the new single by Thomas LaVine.

Then a passage punctuated by whistles reminds us that we are well in an indie-folk universe.

And a voice, which as the song advances, gains in intensity.

Up to a captivating chorus, strewn with violin, and with a pinch of the electric guitar.

All the ingredients are there to make this song a joyful hymn, despite a fairly ... gray writing theme.

But the voice of Thomas LaVine, powerful and comforting, warms us and helps us to endure these tough times.

An artist to watch closely this year, and we're pretty sure that you'll hear from him again here.

Making songs since he was 16, this awesome talent has still a lot of powerful emotions to offer!

A perfect indie-folk gem!


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