White Novels - California

September 17, 2021

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It's been so long since we found any indie-rock jewelry to share with you, that I can't even remember the date. I hope this is just an impression and that this musical genre is not slowly dying.

In any case, White Novels, from Glasgow prove the opposite with this new single which is released today. "California" is a song that has a pretty incredible story, as the band shared:

"California is a love story about an experience Jack went through back in 2019. He was dating a girl from California while she studied at University of Edinburgh. Like most relationships nowadays, it started via online dating apps, and progressed to them meeting up regularly at "The Jazz Bar" in Edinburgh. t turned out the girl had a boyfriend all along, and was leading two lives without both guys knowing. Jack being 5000 miles away from the 'real' boyfriend."

It is indeed a rather original story, which is just as much as the story of the band itself! Because initially, White Novels was a solo project. Jack Bestow & Tam Kane gathered their talents during the pandemic and were later joined by Chris Roarty on drums, Lewis Dawson playing the bass, and Angus Kemlo with his guitar, from all over Scotland.

It is now in the form of a five-piece band that White Novels are writing their story. And the least we can say is that the chemistry is perfect. Just browse their Spotify to realize it. They've released 4 singles before this one, and they're all excellent.

An impressive CV that opens doors for them, since they will share the scene tomorrow night at Broadcast, Glasgow, with another band that you know well if you are faithful to IMC since we have already featured them 4 times: Sarpa Salpa. What a small world isn't it?!

When I listen to this new single, I can't help but think that these 5 little Scots are going to be big soon. It is often said that to unleash the career of an artist or a band, all it takes is one song. I sincerely think "California" could be THE ONE.

With the super catchy melody, the sublime vocal harmonies, the original story behind the song, the incredible production quality, the friendliness of the band... it seems like they have all the cards in hand to succeed. Remember their name, because White Novels have the potential to open lots of doors. Even the biggest.

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Written by Niko.


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