Willa May - here's my feelings

November 29, 2021

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In February of this year, I had had an absolute crush on "Just Me", the previous single from this wonderful artist from the Netherlands. A song that had spoken to me, because I had the impression that it was my girlfriend who was speaking. A song about a hesitant person, tormented between doubts and fears. But that's what makes the beauty of this singer with a unique voice: she is pure, and her soul is transparent. She doesn't cheat.

Willemijn May, who was able to meet success on the other side of the planet, and especially in Asia thanks to incredible collaborations, wanted to highlight her solo project with a new name: Willa May. Simpler, more intimate, and which sticks better to the skin of this great creative.

Her new single "here's my feelings" was released last Friday and landed directly on top of our "Fresh Indie" playlist. Just like for "Just Me", the first listening thanks to our Release Radar allowed me to rediscover the artist as I like her: simple and honest. In a musical universe much more acoustic than her collabs, Willa May poses percussive words on a super catchy melody, which makes you want to waddle your head, while the text is rather full of melancholy. Still lost in her feelings, Willa May just takes a break and takes stock of her expectations. She wants a sun, a daughter, a well-tended garden, and coffee-smelling mornings. Simple things that the world of 2021 tends to forget. So we come back to the subject I mentioned in my last article, namely social media. These little things that we have, of our own free will, agreed to take everywhere with us in our pocket, but which eat away at our time capital.

The month of November was an opportunity for me to reconnect with myself. Without smartphone. Without social media. Without those small, futile things that steal our time and attention, but which ultimately leave us alone. We often say "I don't have time", but believe me, when you don't take this little device everywhere with you anymore, you find time to do things you forgot, like lying down to listen to music. music, reading books, tinkering, and above all a very important notion: boredom. Because boredom stimulates our creativity. How do you think artists like Willa May manage to create such masterpieces as "Just Me" or "here's my feelings"? By writing one word at a time, between two notifications among the more than 500 that we can receive each day? Of course not.

"Hey Dad yes I'm doing good", here is the answer given by Willa May in the first verse of the song. Asking someone if they're okay has become so common that you've forgotten the meaning of the question. And above all, we forgot to pay attention to the answer, because most of the time, someone who is not well, or who has doubts, will not tell you. "It's easier to lie than tell the truth," she sings.

For me, the real connection between individuals goes much further than a simple like dropped on an Instagram post. If someone says "I'm fine," dig to find out if it's true. Because this person may have a craving for real conversation and may make you realize that ... you too!

I think that if "Just Me" is currently the only song of all the artists that I have promoted over the years that I manage to play entirely on the piano, it is no accident. I had felt a very deep connection to this text, and to Willa May's personality. And this new single confirms my impression. Here we have a great artist, not by size but by talent. One of the rare artists who still dare to write and sing what everyone thinks softly and cannot express. I can't wait to see what Willa May has in store for us over the next few months, and I hope with all my heart that her new musical project will bring us more jewels of this kind.

Written with love by Niko.


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