Xavier Bernazard - Sea Song (I'm Not Okay)

September 10, 2021

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"Your heart is the key to everything". This is the motto of Xavier Bernazard. And we tend to agree!

As his heart swings between Puerto Rico and Dallas, Xavier, who started playing music at only 16, offers us a real bonding moment in his new single "Sea Song (I'm Not Okay)", which is released today.

Yes, I did say complicity. Because if you're not feeling well right now, which is understandable, because we've been in the fog for 18 months, then just listen to this song with your eyes closed. And it's as if a friend is whispering in your ear: "it will be better soon".

With an incredible voice, very comfortable in all tones, and above all, very recognizable, Xavier lets the words slide on his guitar as the waves slide on the beach. I insist on the fact that this voice is really exceptional and unique. You know, that's a huge advantage for an artist (even if they don't decide what their voice is like, obviously), but it's like when you hear Sia. No need for Shazam: you know it's Sia! For Xavier, it's the same. I think I have rarely heard such a beautiful male voice.

As the song opens and closes under the sound of the waves, Xavier vows to save his tears for later, and move on no matter what happens. With a very strong connection with nature, a bit like in all of Thomas LaVine's songs. The sea is omnipresent in the text, and also in the production, as you will have noticed.

A true hymn to motivation and to a clearer and sunnier horizon, this new single is a jewel that perfectly combines piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and delicious vocal harmonies.

A true artistic performance, complete and intense. Because the intensity grows minute after minute, and the song ends in apotheosis, like fireworks reflecting on the sea. We warned you: we love strong emotions. And we found them in this masterpiece. The very end of the song left us speechless, by the beauty and the poetry of the artist. You will have to watch him closely, because his atypical musical universe, rocked by the waves, could surprise you again in the future.

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Written by Niko.


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