Children of Indigo - After All

September 29, 2021

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If you like softness, you'll love Natasha's voice, discreetly supported by some understated vocal harmonies.

Children Of Indigo is a band from Ottawa, that perfectly handles emotions to create captivating and moving stories through their songs. They recently joined our friend Alex Rainbird's label, alexrainbirdrecords. And we think it will really help them find an audience sensitive to their magnificent musical universe.

Often comforting, without ever falling into cheesy, their lyrics slide over their guitars like a river slides over the rocks. Their new single "After All" managed to freeze time in our studio.

The last eighteen months have been really tough for everyone, and a lot of songs are born from this particular situation. Like a light at the end of the tunnel. The first line of the song is pretty clear: "After all this chaos, do you ever wonder if everything will be the same?"

In a very relaxing atmosphere, where piano, acoustic guitar, and banjo come together, Children of Indigo has cast a nice spell on us. We were bewitched by the quality of the melody, and above all, the impact of the lyrics. The band explains that they wanted to give back hope:

"We've all had a crazy past year and a half. This song is about contrasting the ups and the downs. There will always be evil in the world but there will always be good. Trying to see the light at the end of a dark tunnel, and believing in our humanity's future through endless hope that we will get overcome the next challenge."

The only downside we could find in this song is its duration. It's a bit short, but you can always kill the replay button. Besides, that's what we did. And we're sure you'll do the same.

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Written by Niko.


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