Jeffrey James - Downtown

January 17, 2020

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Let's go to Nashville again to discover the pop universe of the talented Jeffrey James.

An artist very well surrounded since last year, he went to London to work on his EP with professionals who have collaborated with Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, or Shawn Mendes.

It is therefore obvious that his work is more than finished and very well done, and that it sounds very professional.

In " Downtown ", taken from his new EP " East London " the artist gives us a wonderful performance, and we can even say that Jeffrey offers us a vocal performance worthy of the greatest (we think in particular of James Arthur or Sam Smith, for example).

In a chorus with a catchy and hooking melody, he shares with us all his vocal power, until then rather controlled while restraining on the verses.

Waves of emotions invade you as the song progresses, until a stunning final part, punctuated by powerful backing vocals and luminous vocal surges.