Dhrubo - Awake

August 08, 2022

Here in Europe, we have a series of heat waves and we have forest fires in all regions of each country. We are all then looking for a way to describe the indescribable. And yet. Climate change is here. Living in an impression of the end of the world for a few weeks, between smoke and ashes, this song particularly touched us. Quite simply because we hope that one day, the great leaders of this world will realize that it is more than urgent to act. They just need to wake up.

Floating between dream and reality, "Awake", a magnificent piano-voice song written and composed by Dhrubo, won us over with its simplicity and beauty. Lydia Salnikova's magnificent vocal performance marvelously marries the delicate melody created by the Bangladeshi-born artist, who now lives in Ottawa, Canada.

The masterstroke here lies in the fact that the song can speak to many people: whether it's the subject I mentioned earlier, a romantic relationship that ends badly, or complicated family relationships. When we think everything is bad, sometimes we want to suddenly wake up and think "phew, it was just a dream". And sometimes we need a good song to realize that reality isn't so bad.

Cello player Yoed Nir also adds a romantic touch to that beautiful song. This trio created magic!

If you love beautiful things, no doubt this song needs to be on one of your playlists!

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