Evan Effres - Undertones

July 22, 2022

Today we take you for a walk in Los Angeles, California, to introduce you to Evan Effres, a fantastic singer-songwriter who already has a great story.

Appeared in several TV series like Manifest, The Mysteries of Laura, or A Million Little Things, his music never ceases to impress! The Californian multiplies the winning opportunities and continues in parallel to compose wonderful melodies.

We were seduced by Undertones, taken from his self-produced album of the same name. Yes, it's true that we tend to offer you recent releases, but we can consider that with a magnificent music video released last Tuesday (you can watch it below), it is recent content. And then, we've already told you, good songs are timeless and it's never too late to discover little gems like this.

Evan Effres puts his heart into his music... and you can feel it through every single line of the song. The instrumental bridge is absolutely delicious and original. It's often the trickiest part of a song when you're a songwriter. The artist manages the exercise with talent with a solo full of delicacy and voluptuousness, which gives the song an impressive fluidity and allows us to start on the final chorus with disconcerting ease.

The melody is catchy as hell, despite lyrics that aren't necessarily the happiest. Indeed, the song was written after a tough breakup, as Evan told us: "this song is about the more tumultuous aspects of my relationship and really speaks to the importance of open communication and compromise. Although even with those things, sometimes it's just not meant to be".

So you have proof that even the most inextricable and complicated situations can give birth to something positive. This song is a very good example. And if you loved it, we have good news for you! Evan told us that several new EPs were coming. Enough to provide your indie-folk playlists for a long time. Yes, when you have found a rare pearl like Evan, you have to closely monitor the next releases. You might miss something if you don't.

And if you are not ready to wait until then, it is always possible to dive into his album and discover some unmissable nuggets like the shiny "Paradigm Shift" or the melancholy but sumptuous "Forget a Name" which literally hypnotized us.

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Written with love by Niko. "Undertones" has been added to our "Indie Music" playlist on Spotify. Check it out below and give it a follow for more amazing music!


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