Fly the Nest - Say Hello

January 07, 2022

We just added another banger to the radio's main playlist and it was impossible not to talk about it on the blog part! It seems like Stephen Cooper, better known as Fly The Nest, has not lost his splendor. I would even say that over the years, the native Dublin is like French wine: he gets better with time.

It was almost a year ago, on February 12, 2021, that we discovered Fly The Nest with "Old Street Lover". The brand new song is still in this pop-rock vein with frenzied guitar riffs and incredibly powerful vocals, and the artist touches us deep within ourselves and manages to trigger goosebumps with rather disconcerting ease.

Such quality in this musical genre hardly exists anymore. Being an excellent storyteller, Fly The Nest sometimes gives us the feeling of having returned to the end of the 90s when many rock bands rubbed shoulders on the FM band. And it seems like I'm not wrong because just after writing the previous sentence, I noticed that the artist himself mentioned in his pitch that he perceived an "Oasis vibe" in this song. The quality and precision brought to the production make Fly The Nest's songs timeless jewels, with catchy melodies, which stay in your head.

The new single that comes out today, "Say Hello", immediately made me think about the relationship we have with our elders. Largely neglected by the pandemic, the elderly suffered from loneliness more than others, and spent days, sometimes weeks or months, waiting for a call. The song was probably not written for this context, because the artist told us that he wrote it a long time ago, and that "now just seemed like the right time for this song". But after all, that's the magic of songs: everyone can understand and interpret the meaning of a song in their own way.

Granted, it's very cinematic, but I find it to be a huge plus for a track. Allowing the listener to project themselves into their own landscape just by closing their eyes is a power that few indie artists have. The artist describes the song to us rather as the perception of an obvious lack of a person, and the interminable wait that can occur: "Something doesn't work out, and you're waiting for that person to come back - you could nearly be waiting till you're an old man. It gets into that. "

The magnificent artwork, created by Julien Jensen, shows a lighthouse lost in the open sea, and perfectly represents this feeling of isolation and loneliness. The production of the track is signed by... Pete Doherty! No, you're not dreaming. So you can see why "Say Hello" has gigantic potential. From the sharp and precise writing of Stephen to the impeccable production of Peter Doherty, not forgetting the super catchy melody, all the ingredients are here to make this song an international success.

We have chosen to play it several times a day on the radio, and we are delighted with this choice, which will undoubtedly please our eager quality listeners. In just two years, Fly The Nest begins to touch the stars and has already reached perfection. He managed to trigger a kind of addiction in us, and we are already impatient to hear his next releases.

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Picture by Julien Jensen.

Written with love by Niko. "Say Hello" has been added to our "Fresh Indie" playlist on Spotify and will start to play on the radio.


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