Pale Moon - Stranger

November 20, 2020

Sometimes there are encounters that change a lifetime. And the meeting of Árni and Nata is a good example. When a talented blonde lands in Iceland to join another talented musician, the mix is absolutely dazzling. And "Stranger" is like a slap out of nowhere. Visually, first, because the music video plays with pretty contrasts, between the heat of the sun and the coldness of a swim in not very welcoming waters. Two characters who seek each other, turn around, in an ambiguous and a little dark relationship. Musically, work pays off. It's very successful, the arrangements are delicious, the vocal harmonies are flaming and we just... want more. After several versions, our two perfectionists at heart finally deliver the final version. And what a beauty! A little folk gem that can be enjoyed without any limits. A favorite. Included in our "Indie Folk" playlist, and of course, you will now hear this amazing track on the Indie Music Radio.

Pale Moon's point of view :

"When we performed ‘Stranger’ at our first concert in Barcelona, the reaction from the audience was incredible. The crowd was captivated by the melodic chorus and immediately began to sing along. We instantly knew we had stumbled upon something special with ‘Stranger.’ “This was the first time, when I felt that something I wrote was bigger than me,” Nata explains. “It was almost intimidating.” “We were going for a studio lockdown, which soon became a quarantine lockdown.”, Árni said. There, in the middle of Spanish countryside, free from distractions, Pale Moon set a goal to record a full album and the first single would be “Stranger”. With layers of gentle guitars and warm vocal harmonies, the resulting track is a shimmering indie folk gem. “It’s not the first version of the song, in fact there were five.”, Árni laughs. “At one point we had a mixed and mastered version on our hands and I decided to play it to our friend, who came over after the lockdown was lifted. Maybe it was just a red wine, but I hated the busy arrangement so much, we decided to start over.”

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Pale Moon is a project of two, Árni and Nata. Their debut EP “Dust of Days” contained of three tracks where you can hear a mix of influences from psychedelic indie to dreamy pop. Influenced by Billy Joel, David Bowie and Beach Boys, the result lay somewhere between raw Mac DeMarco and The Shins and somehow still different. Árni’s had been in Icelandic music scene for a while and worked with some notable acts, while Natasha is a Siberian girl, who took her interest in design until they met. The band wouldn’t happen if Nata didn’t take a one way ticket to Iceland summer she was about to finish her BA in Fashion. They ended up working more and more together polishing their songwriting abilities. 2020 band dedicated to writing a full length album in a home studio they put together close to Tarragona. Pale Moon will present brand new show for Iceland Airwaves 2021 in Reykjavik this November.

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