Rod Coote - New England

July 21, 2022

If you just discovered what indie music is, welcome to this beautiful universe. You will quickly notice that it's a wonderful world, full of coincidences. Yesterday, we posted about Rebecca Turmel, a fantastic artist from New England.

Today, let's talk about a beautiful song called... "New England". But we're not talking about the same New England here. Rebecca is from New England in the U.S., while Rod Coote is from New England in Australia. Although being on the opposite side of the terrestrial globe, those artists - who probably never heard about each other - have a connexion. Now you see what we mean when we say "coincidence".

And if you're used to coming to IMC quite regularly, you already know that Australia has some of the best indie-folk artists on the planet, and you discovered some of them here, a few months or years ago (Ziggy Alberts, Garrett Kato, Hollow Coves, Declan Ryan, Dustin Tebbutt... and the list is long). And speaking of Garrett Kato, good pick! He's the producer of this song. Even if it's Rod Coote's first feature on IMC today, when you'll press "Play", you will probably feel like it's a very familiar sound. It's just because this is exactly the kind of music we really love.

The song talks about New England, and if we want to be precise, the heart of New England, that we can feel beating through the song. As Rod says about the song: "The 'New England' is the region that I grew up in as a child and spent most of my time exploring with friends".

If you loved the line "Take me away from the city lights", in the chorus of Ben Greenberg's "Northern Pines", this song may talk to you. Yes, you. Dear nature lover. We admit that we're actually a bit bored with what human beings are able to do sometimes, as we're actually surrounded by surreal wildfires in Europe. And we'd love to find a place where we can just turn all the screens off and disconnect from this driving-too-fast world. We found it in this song.

Rod Coote speaks about the area he grew up in with so much love! You just have to close your eyes and here you are, in the middle of the Australian countryside. Also, if you have a very special connection with your homeland, this song may speak to you as well. With a touch of nostalgia, Rod pictures Australia's New England with rarely seen talent and maturity, and we can feel it when he talks about the track: "The lyrics create the imagery of driving away from the city lights on a road trip and entering the countryside that sits peacefully under a sky full of bright stars."

If you're ready to watch the stars, this song is just a part of the EP with the same title "New England", made of six amazing tracks in total, out in May of this year, already gathering 500K+ streams on Spotify. It includes previous singles, such as "Wild Pine", "Ghost Town" and "Unwind", and is a wonderful collection of indie-folk gems.

You can trust us. We had like a hundred listens of this track for the last few days and we can't get tired of it. The melody is catchy and we promise it will stay in your mind, picturing wonderful landscapes, wherever you are.

We know we always say that, but please, if music can draw pictures in your mind, support your favorite indie artists. Rod Coote is definitely a safe bet. He will never be disappointing, and we're now obsessed with the whole EP. You can have a listen below. Special mention to the awesome performance of BERLYN on the song "Easy to Love", the vocal harmonies are breathtaking.

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Written with love by Niko. "New England" has been added to our "Indie Music" playlist on Spotify. Check it out below and give it a follow for more amazing music!


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