Stephen LaVine - Never Knew My Ghost

February 04, 2022

LaVine family. Please, can I have the brother? No, you're not seeing double. And yes, if the name "LaVine" reminds you of something, it's no coincidence. Thomas LaVine has been squatting our Spotify playlists and our articles for almost 2 years. The artist who collects aquatic singles (To the Sea, Rivers, Bridges, By The Coast, Open Sea, Saltwater Lover) has a brother. And a very talented one.

Stephen LaVine has been immersed in music since a very young age. Years of experience have helped him improve again and again. I still remember a few months ago when Thomas innocently sent me a Spotify link to Stephen, telling me "hey, my brother Stephen also makes music, check it out". It was his "Wild Truth" EP. And I was blown away by the huge quality. I even wondered if it was really possible to have so much talent in the same family.

Then followed two singles. You've probably heard some Stephen work on our radio station if you listen to Luna's show, "Why Doesn't Everyone Know These Songs". Since then, word has come to my ears that Stephen was working on new songs. When he used our submission form to send us this new single, and I saw it appear in my queue, I was like a kid on Christmas morning. I couldn't wait to find out what he had been preparing for us for so long.

And what a pleasant surprise. And I'm not going to hide it from you, as a good professional in the music industry (yeah, it's been 20 years, dang, I'm getting old), I recognized the LaVine touch. A bit of Thomas in this song. And today I realize that I was right, since Stephen mentioned today in an Instagram post that his brother helped him with the production. So ok, the LaVine touch. But does that mean it's a copy-paste of his brother? Far from that!

Stephen has his own musical universe. A little less folk, a little more pop. But it's true that these two have a lot in common in their DNA. Vocal power, songwriting talent, and above all... the ability to give goosebumps. The last minute of the track can only trigger shivers down your spine. Stephen is mainly differentiated by a more noticeable vibrato in his voice.

And above all, there is something special with this song from the Lavine factory: it is not about water. Just kidding. But the title of the song, "Never Knew My Ghost", made me think of "To Never Be Known" by the brother. Proof that even without consulting each other, these two incredible human beings are connected, and not only by blood. And this special connection is felt very strongly. You just have to watch a Twitch stream in which Thomas invites his brother to realize that they have an obvious bond and both have a great sense of humor.

"Never Knew My Ghost" is therefore not about water but offers an inner journey between the old Stephen and the current Stephen. In which the artist wonders if he was better before or now. I don't claim to be able to judge, but I sincerely believe that today's Stephen has reached new heights in terms of human qualities and musical professionalism. He's been looking for himself a lot but I think he's finally found a balance, and he's now doing what he loves, even if he feels he still lacks a bit of self-confidence, as he said today. today on his Instagram:

"I still miss having confidence in all of my convictions. I miss the world feeling simple and black and white. Most days now I'm just cautiously optimistic at best about life and carry a worldview that has been tainted by knowledge, cynicism, tragedy, and just plain old growing up".

But he still has that little flame burning inside, a flame that he talks about a lot in the song. And it is this little light, which, even through the darkest tunnels, guides him towards a bright and sunny future. On January 25, still on his Instagram, he shared a preview of a new song he is working on. And we already feel this luminous vibe I was telling you about invading its horizon.

By telling him that it would be funny to have two brothers in the "IMC Family" (which, I remind you, requires having 5 features on IMC), his answer was "challenge accepted". We can't wait to hear the rest of the adventures of the brother who had remained in the shadows for too long and who is now taking off. And after all, what better than a LaVine to brighten your day? What, you still haven't found the obvious answer to this question? Two, of course!

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Written with love by Niko. "Never Knew My Ghost" has been added to our "Fresh Indie" playlist on Spotify and will start to play on the radio.


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