The Satellite Station - Brighter Side

September 14, 2021

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You might be thinking "him again?" Yes, we know. It is not favoritism, quite the contrary. It is simply the result of hard work that pays off. Because every single release of The Satellite Station is mind-blowing, and this is not our fault if its quality level is still at 1000%.

And then, it must be admitted, this new single, whose release was announced at the last minute, is probably one of the best he has ever recorded. "Brighter Side" is a very well found title.

Because the artist who has accustomed us to sad songs, even claiming to be an "artist who makes sad songs", surprises us here with very colorful and positive indie-folk vibes.

It's been almost six months since I discovered this song which was released on Friday because Travis trusts us enough to send us his tracks as soon as they come out of the oven. Sorry. From the studio. And since then, I never got tired of it, and I couldn't wait for you guys to finally be able to listen to it.

And more than just an artist, over the months and years, Travis has become a trusted friend. He was present during the Twitch Raid Train to help us save the radio and even did us the honor of performing live an unreleased song called "My Home Is You", and the wonderful "Satellites".

It is true that, after 20 previous articles on IMC, it becomes difficult for us to find new superlatives to describe the music of Travis. And like Luna said on her Livestream, he releases a lot of songs (almost every 6 weeks), which is a breakneck pace, but they're all great. So let's just tell you that you will never waste your time with a song from The Satellite Station. His Spotify is just a gold mine to dig into.

"Brighter Side" is probably the ray of light that this incredible collection of masterpieces was missing.

"Everything is fine, I'm looking on the brighter side", is a line that resonates in our heads like a call to celebrate our newfound freedom, or the beginning of a new era. Maybe a taste of our new post-covid life?

This gem has been added to our "Fresh Indie" Spotify playlist, make sure you follow this playlist below to discover incredible new music every day. And also added to the "IMC Family" playlist, of course!

Written by Niko.


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