Wellens - Perfection

December 03, 2021

Let's dive into the bitter cold, north of Montreal, Canada, to meet Wellens. If you've been browsing our articles over the past few weeks, you'll have noticed that the pandemic has inspired a lot of artists. The world has changed, for sure. And will continue to change.

Frédéric Wellens comes from Canada, and he's a physiotherapist and a busy clinic owner. But the call of music was too loud. And when he recorded a demo, his friends encouraged him to go further. Then a friend of his friend, who's a producer, helped him to develop an EP, then the EP became a full album. Such an incredible story.

"Perfection" is taken from this album, called "Dark Overlay", which is being released today. The song has everything you need to reconnect yourself with the basics. To simple things that we had tended to forget. After my short break (two weeks) without social media, I relearned to "live in the present", as the artist sings in this song. Technologies have taken away what is most precious to us: time. I had a project to share this song with you, a bit like a final point for 2021. I had selected it for you at the end of October, without knowing what was going to happen next. I had not anticipated this break and this reconnection with myself, and I must say that I now perceive the song differently. Like the perfect soundtrack to accompany my next chapter: a much longer pause.

It's always up to you to make a song your own, and a lot of songs can actually fit your mind state. This one is mine. And if it spoke to me, it will probably speak to a lot of people!

This is the first time that Wellens has embarked on an adventure where he had to mix and master his songs himself, and he only starts out as an independent musician. He, therefore, needs your support to continue to grow. Have a listen to the whole album, cause we got the chance to get an early preview of some tracks, and it really worth it!

"Perfection" hooked us immediately, with its positive and bright lyrics, its amazing mix of acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and piano. As he sings, if it becomes your favorite song, "let's put it on replay". The wonderful vocals sometimes reminded us of our German friend Carnival Kid (IMC Family).

Savor life, every moment, every day, and take it as it is. And play this song out loud when you add it to your Spotify playlists.

For a "first time", I would say it's a real success. Everything works wonderfully, whether it is the song or the music video, simple but effective. You can watch it below.

Now it's time for me to wish you a wonderful end of the year and to take a break, far from the screens. See you soon!


Written with love by Niko. "Perfection" has been added to our "Fresh Indie" playlist on Spotify.


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