Alexander Joseph - Make A Stand (Feat. Tashara Forrest)

April 02, 2021

We love songs that lift our spirits. And especially because we all need it right now. In a context where we don't really know where we're going or what's going to happen, we all need an uplifting track. "Make A Stand" is the kind of song that will lift your spirits in just a few seconds. And that was the goal of Alexander Joseph.

And to mark this feeling of unity, even more, he decided to join forces with Tashara Forrest, one of his friends and also a very talented singer-songwriter. And the voice of Tashara really brings more to this song and reinforces the power of the chorus, already very catchy.

On a very worked melody, our artist from Ashby (UK), offers us a magnificent vocal performance, all carried by a very high-quality production.

The song is out today, and we couldn't wait for you all to listen and enjoy it, and most importantly share it with your friends. If you or your friends are feeling the need for support and are feeling a bit lonely right now, (which wouldn't be surprising) then this song is the missing piece of your puzzle.

Like a ray of light in a rather gloomy context, "Make A Stand" brings a real ray of light and optimism that we all really needed.

And you will only find that kind of support in independent music. Thank you to all these artists, including Alexander Joseph, for giving us back our smiles in difficult times.

You can also watch the lyric video for this song :) Here it is:

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