Alexander Joseph - Now Or Never

July 24, 2021

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We haven't forgotten Alexander Joseph since we featured at the beginning of April his latest single "Make A Stand", which you can still hear every day on our radio. And we are delighted that Alexander has not forgotten us either, because he did us the honor of sending us his new single "Now Or Never", released yesterday.

A little gem as we like, with a very optimistic message. I must admit, without necessarily telling you my life story, that this week has been very difficult, I had to catch up with a considerable delay in submissions, planning the radio, and preparing a big project. But I got there, thanks to the motivation that my artists and my team gave me. And that kind of song lifts your spirits in less than a minute. So she immediately seduced me from the first listen. And then Alexander's voice is quite irresistible. I believe he could sing anything to me, he has this invisible power to take you into his universe almost instantly.

If you're going through a dark time or feeling lonely right now, "Now or Never" is the song for you. Carried by a melody that is very easy to remember, you go sing along with Alexander quite quickly. Which is not unpleasant, on the contrary!

Alex told us that he released this song yesterday "in aid of the British Paralympic Association and draws attention to the incredible achievements of the para athletes in a bid to bring us together in the name of sport".

The artist really moved us when he said that all the "proceeds from streams/downloads will be going to the British Paralympic Association, who work tirelessly behind the scenes supporting the athletes and staff in and around the Paralympic games. I'll be heading out to Tokyo in August as a coach with the wheelchair tennis players, so this is a cause that is very close to my heart..."

So please, dear fellow readers, don't hesitate to stream and buy this track, it's for a good cause.

After the Twitch Raid Train recently, where Ben Greenberg and Luna Keller collected money for the Royal Manchester's Children Hospital, we're really happy to see that our artists are still very generous.

I sincerely believe that this artist has an innate talent for spreading positive vibes all around him, and all I can wish him is that these vibes go around the world.

Added to our Main Spotify Playlist.

Written by Niko.



Through the broken cracks I see a light and it’s shining

You know we’re coming back it’s just a matter of timing

We look ahead with anticipation what does the future hold?

So don’t give up on what you believe in because it’s good for the soul

Keep on reaching for impossible 

The sky’s the limit and we’re more than capable

There is nothing that we cannot do

As we’re in this together it’s now or never

In our solitude we need a reason to shout for

It’s time to make our move and find a little adventure

We’re edging closer to the occasion that celebrates our strength

And with the whole world in one destination let the games commence

Keep on reaching for impossible 

The sky’s the limit and we’re more than capable

There is nothing that we cannot do

As we’re in this together it’s now or never

Through these times is a chance to find opportunity

Just believe just believe just believe

We’re so much stronger when we’re united we cannot loose our faith

The world we know is diversifying so watch us lead the way

Oh x 4


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