Taylor T - Letting Go

January 21, 2022

This week concludes with a third artist from the IMC Family.

As a somewhat belated Christmas present, Taylor T reached out to us on December 27 to give us a listen to his new single "Letting Go." You know, kind of like that unorganized uncle who brings Christmas presents a little late, looking confused? And when the children unwrap the gifts, we realize that they are completely crazy and overpriced gifts. You got it, it's a bit like the Uncle Taylor effect. He just comes with an innocent look and drops us like a Canadair plane, with uncertain precision, one of his best singles EVER.

And that's why we love Taylor T. Unpredictable, but also funny, touching... his personality is a very vast world to explore. Behind the long hair of this bearded surfer hides an intense sensitivity. And a voice. Oh my God. Such an amazing voice. Taylor is the kind of buddy we all wish we had. Despite often dreamy thoughts, he keeps his feet on the ground, and his writing still touches us as much.

"Letting Go" is like an unexpected gift, after a long period of silence. The artist has often doubted his place on Earth as a musician. A bit like all of us, probably. We all have ups and downs. But one thing is certain, at IMC, we will never let him down. If he goes through a down period again, we'll kick his ass to get him to write again. Because the result is always incredibly beautiful and moving.

Carried by magnificent vocal harmonies, this new single is a bubble of oxygen. In a world where everything is panicking, where we are watching the numbers more than ever (whether for the pandemic or even in general, people in the perpetual quest for comparison on social media), "Letting Go" makes it possible to wander around for almost four minutes, out of time, and out of the maddening world. Like a disconnect. I took a digital break at the end of 2021. This song had the same effect on me, only faster!

It may just be an impression, but I have a feeling that Taylor worked on his voice. His interpretation is more and more solid, and his fingerstyle is still unique. Some will find the guitar melody a little repetitive, but I find it nuanced by the different vocal parts, which give a rather impressive relief.

"Letting Go" is the perfect title for this acoustic ballad, and the simple but effective artwork exactly captures the spirit of the song. We're facing an artist, a man, a human being, who now deliberately doesn't care about cumbersome thoughts, and who advances in the face of an immensity over which he has no control. As we would say in French: who tries nothing, gets nothing.

Taylor, if you read this: we love you! Please never stop making music, my friend! You're on the right path!

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Written with love by Niko. "Letting Go" has been added to our "Fresh Indie" and "IMC Family" playlists on Spotify and will start to play on the radio.


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